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 “[A] few minutes’ walk to the beautiful Hague Lake” does not mean this
General News · 31st July 2013
Carrie Saxifrage
Many Cortes Islanders (last count: 240) oppose rezoning of forest land on which significant logging has occurred in recent years. “Bartholomew Woods” was significantly logged in recent years so a new purchaser would face heavy opposition to a rezone. The sales brochure relies on OCP designation rather than on actual zoning in presenting a development vision for the land. A developer could not rezone over community opposition, so the brochure is misleading.

The important point is that any potential purchaser should familiarize itself with community aspirations. My articles are intended to prevent rezone hearings in which applicants claim hardship because they can use the land “only” according to the zoning at time of purchase.

Mike’s response suggests that he commenced logging AFTER concluding development discussions with the community but in fact he logged DURING the discussions. It matters because Cortes Islanders have a strong record of courteously listening to proposals when the forest remains intact, as demonstrated by Siskin Land and ECO Initiative developments. While the trees stand, the developer has the ability to offer important tradeoffs. “Talk and log” creates mistrust and opposition. .

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It means this.