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General News · 17th July 2013
Henry Verschuur
Garbage Pickup on Cortes Island++++

Remember – a human being will handle your garbage – twice. Garbage travels in the back of a truck; no compactors here. Bags that are improperly tied or small and light come loose in 60 km/h winds and cause a plume of garbage to exit the truck. Not nice for the road side.

Saturdays, starting at 7:00 am. We need to get it to the recycling centre before they close.

Each dwelling is allowed one medium (80 lt) size can with an easily removed, animal and water-proof lid. No tied ropes or twine please.

Please keep your can clean and dry, or every bag that comes out of it will be dripping and gross. We won’t throw a dripping maggoty bag over our heads. The yuck gets all over the recyclables too. If you have liquid in the bottom of your can, please drill drain holes.

We pass each stop twice, and tip the cans on their side to show we’ve picked up, to drain, and to keep out the rain. If you have a permanent can and want the lid left on please leave a rock on the lid to show it’s empty. That’s one less stop twice.

One or two clean, securely tied bags less than 10 kg each.

Drippy, maggoty, dirty, smelly – yuk! Don’t put in meat products. Bury them. If you have to, freeze them until garbage day.

Please, not too heavy. We have to be able to lift them over our heads - hundreds of them – we aren’t all young buffs.

Please, not a bunch of light bags either. They can blow off the truck. Combine into one bigger bag.

Please tie each bag securely. Unsecure garbage ends up on the sides of the roads.

And don’t fill up your garbage with the bag in the can, or jump on it – it gets stuck

The best is clear bags full of one type of recycling – one bag with metal, another with glass, another paper and another hard plastic (crush milk jugs) - tightly packed and secured well. Bundle newspaper and cardboard and set out on dry days.

If you don’t use clear bags, mark it well to make sure we know it’s recycling.

Please collect each type and put out full bags for pickup. Tiny bits of recycling are a pain, as are large mixed bags.

Remember recycling goes in the same truck as garbage. Keep all bags clean and secure.

Contact and extra garbage
For extra pickups, or scrap metal removal, call Henry 935-6940