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General News · 9th July 2013
sabina leader mense
Whaletown Commons BioBlitz!
Whaletown Commons, Cortes Island

… an opportunity to learn about biodiversity!!!!

Here it is folks… the BioBlitz! schedule for 2013!
Come one, come all; join in the fun and support the Commons!!!!!!!
All activities start & end at Commons Central, located immediately off of Whaletown Road at the entrance to the Whaletown Commons.

Thursday, July 11, 2013
• 10 am Moss and Lichen BioBlitz!
Join visiting lichenologists and bryologists: Dr. Lalita Calabria, Dr. Daphne Stone, Mr. John Villella, Ms. Shana Gross, Mr. Gregory Eide and Ms. Lillian Hynson on a moss and lichen walk of the Commons. We’re lichen’ it already!!!!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013
• 12 noon Commons Central – gathering of the clans!
Whaletown Commons Society memberships available for purchase!

• 12:30 pm Whaletown Commons - the vision
Join Oliver Kellhammer for a natural history walking overview of the Commons and a discussion of the significance of seeking regional district park status.

• 2 pm Cutthroat Trout - the salmonid presence
Join Cec Robinson for a look at the resident cutthroat trout in Whaletown Creek and discuss our local salmonid monitoring program; live traps & live specimens.

• 3:30 pm Arboreal Snails - second time lucky…
Join Sabina Leader Mense in the search for these red-listed arboreal/ tree living snails that eluded us last year; prizes for every Vertigo snail documented!

• 5 pm Whaletown Creek - the heart of the Commons
Join Oliver and Sabina, creekside, exploring this ecologically significant habitat that gives life to the Commons. We’re going to get right in there; come prepared!

• 8 pm Evening Birdsong
Join local naturalists for a pleasant evening walk through the Commons documenting the local fauna of birds; bring binoculars.

• 9:30 pm The Crespuscular Walk
Join Christian Gronau for a dusk walk in the Commons to scout for bats coming off their roosts and venturing out for the night; bring headlights/ flashlights.

A dissecting scope and magnifying lenses will be available at Commons Central for getting a closer look at your discoveries!

All documented observations of species at risk will be rewarded.
Bands of local youth will be in the Commons throughout the day searching for red-legged frogs, pacific sideband snails, western toads and olive-sided flycatchers; don’t miss out on the fun & excitement!

Sunday, July 14, 2013
• 8 am Morning Birdsong
Join Peter Elliott and Sabina for the early morning birdsong from the high banks of Whaletown Creek. July mornings in the Commons are filled with the song of flycatchers, warblers, vireos, and tanagers; bring binoculars.

• 10 am Creekside – above the falls
Join Oliver and Sabina, back in the creek, but above the falls this morning; the less traveled path with the potential for more elusive critters! We are determined to find some slinky salamanders!

• 12 pm Grand Tally of Species
Join the BioBlitz! team at Commons Central to tally up the list of species documented in the Whaletown Commons this weekend and join us in sending along our endorsement for the Whaletown Commons becoming Cortes Island’s next Regional District Park!

A BioBlitz! is an intense period of biological surveying which records the diversity of living species in a designated area.

The Whaletown Commons, close to the heart of many a Cortes Islander, is targeted to be Cortes Island’s next Regional District Park.

The Whaletown Commons land base is biologically rich and ecologically significant, supporting this park mandate. The BioBlitz! is our way of documenting this biodiversity. Let’s make it happen together!

The Whaletown Commons BioBlitz! is sponsored by, On the Ground, the mapping and inventory ally of the Wildstands Forest Alliance.
Questions? Want to volunteer? Want to participate? Call Sabina -6467