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General News · 18th December 2012
Many thanks for the lovley Pictures Rod. Truely we all live in such a wonderful place!

A point id like to make is this is more then just an environmental issue here on cortes....

For starters Island Timberlands was created by brasscan (who later became Brookfeild) they created I.T. because investment companies arnt allowed to buy forest land. Only forest companies can. When this land was purchased cortes was already dubbed "socially inoperable" by weyerhouser and mac and blow before them. This is because folks from Cortes dont comply with their ways.

Brookfeild now have moved their holdings off shore to further avoid Canadien taxs. How does that sit with us? How does that sit with you? Brookfield is worth 100 billion. BCIMC (the other owner of I.T.) is worth over 90 billion. CIC (china investment corp) is in the process of buying 12.5 percent of I.T. for a 100 million. They are worth 200 billion.

When we couple this information with Harpers looming FIPA agreement, wich basically means if Canada changes any environmental laws that results in loss of profits to chinese investments then china will have the right to sue the canadien government for their losses. How does this sit with us? how does this sit with you? I think this will mean the end of progress toward environmental as well as value added jobs here in b.c. Would it be possible for china to sue us if we open our own mills or value added manufactoring plants?

This issue is not environmentalists vs loggers or the many wonderful private forest managed land owners, who by the way own less land then I.T combined. No this issue is more about smaller communities like cortes trying desperatly to gain a little control of their back yards from mulitnational corporations who seemingly have taken control of so much of Vancouver Island. Further more these investment companies are making a ton of money and residents from Cortes are left with very little value added. Switzerland creates almost 11 jobs per 1000 cubic meters of wood they log. B.c creates less then 1 job per 1000 cubic meters logged. This is simply unaceptable. How is it that we now log way more per year and there are less forestry jobs? BCIMC had a 5.9% return in 2011-2012. That exceeds the benchmark for the year of 3.9. What were saying here is the companies that own IT are making a killing for their share holders.

I have a love for the natural world. as well recognize the need for resourses such as wood. I also have respect for canadian jobs. Brookfeild, BcIMC and CIC care nothing of the forest. They only care about their own profit margins. That is why its so important now that both of us address these issues.

So Rod i beg you to take a closer look at who you are defending. We know you believe in good forest managment so please take the time and resurch these companies for they are partaking in the total devestaion of many places in the world.

I suggest Rod that the PFLOA is actually on side with Cortes. As Cortes is on side with the future of CANADIAN forests. My gut feeling tells me you are a passionate and careing indivigual. I would much rather a fellow like you, Cortes community Forest or Klahoose to have control of these lands. At least i know where most of these people live. At least they drink the same water as me.