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CIBATA AGM: CIBATA is a local organization and registered BC Society formed to support and initiate activities that contribute to sustainable business, tourism and holistic community development on Cortes Island. We are also active members of the Discovery Islands Chamber of Commerce.

We encourage those who are inspired and drawn to this very special place to support our efforts by taking an active role in our organization through society membership, or volunteer service on our Board of Directors or committees.

Learn more about our projects for 2017 – Cortes Island Local Economic Action Plan (LEAP), Roving Information Kiosk, as well as Learning Lunches and Conversation Cafes.

For more information please contact Colin Funk at:!!!!

Cortes Island Business and Tourism Association (CIBATA) is a voluntary, non-profit partnership of small, local business owners and community driven individuals working together towards a common goal -- to build a healthy economy and to improve the quality of life in our island community. As a branch of the Discovery Islands Chamber of Commerce (DICC) our members are enabled to do TOGETHER what they might not be able to do individually. We believe the effectiveness and success of our CIBATA team, and local Chamber, depends on our credibility and representation of the island communities’ business interests.

To date, the team has primarily focused efforts on building the economy through tourism specifically. We believe that by increasing the number of visitors to the island, and the tourist season length (i.e. spring and fall) that there will be more opportunities for Island individuals, and entrepreneurs. However, since its inception in 2014 ago CIBATA has also supported many business initiatives, i.e. ARC, Forest Co-op. In addition, we have been involved with bringing a unified island voice to many issues our community has been faced with, i.e. CCCU closure, BC Ferries schedule changes. Volunteerism and participation are cornerstones of our group, and our members have responded to this call with great enthusiasm.

A collaborative approach portrays a positive image for Cortes Island. We would like to see a reversal of the trend that is emptying our school, impacting our Health Centre as well as mainstay businesses such as the stores and restaurants. CIBATA continues to pursue our goal to make our island a better place for everyone, especially families, to live and work. Only through the unending support and teamwork of our members will CIBATA, working with DICC, be able to continue to achieve its goals and ensure its ongoing success. We are truly inspired by the opportunities that are beginning to unfold for Cortes Island in gaining further economic stability through CIBATA and future private/public partnerships that may be on the horizon!

The CIBATA Board of Directors encourages entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profit organizations to join its ranks and continue its projects. Please work with us to improve these efforts by joining the Chamber, automatically resulting in your CIBATA membership.

Please complete a DICC application and return it with your investment TODAY! Investing in the Chamber, thus investing in CIBATA, will help produce immediate results and continued returns. If you’ve already completed and returned your DICC application, please inform us by sending an email to myself.

For more information, please feel free to contact any of the CIBATA directors via email (see list below).

Martha Abelson:
Carol London:
Mike Moore:
Colin Funk:

Email me to request your membership application or download!
Colin Funk