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General News · 26th November 2012
Bill Wheeler
Modern corporate capitalism has become a cancerous force that is gobbling up the world and excreting poison and degraded ecosystems .

Healthy ecosystems are consumed and local communities are just in the way of turning the natural world into profit for our corporate citizens.

If these are surprising thoughts to you I think you might not be paying attention to the state of affairs we have arrived at in our perilous present.

Now Brookfield comes to squeeze some profit out of Cortes forests.

Our Island Timberlands neighbor masquerades as a Vancouver Island forestry company.

But, despite the friendly people working for them, they can’t disguise the fact that they are just the log cutting arm of a multi-billion dollar group of corporations whose reason for being is to make more money using the huge pile of cash they have already accumulated.

If you think they care about people like us, or ecosystems here or anywhere I think you are mistaken.

We ought not take it personally, though, because similar stuff is happening all over the world. Huge, for profit, corporations are taking all there is to take and they’ll burn all there is to burn if they get their way. That’s just the way it is going right now.

Whether we have any chance of affecting the outcome of their harvest plans remains to be seen. But let’s not have any misconceptions about who they are and what motivates them.