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General News · 15th October 2012
Christine Robinson
Imagine ... a forest in trust to the children!

The Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society extends their heartfelt thanks to all of those in the Cortes community, here & elsewhere, who have contributed to this bold vision over the past three years.


The children of Cortes Island - for without you there would be no story of the Children’s Forest.
The forests of Cortes – home to us all.

The 33 children of the forest alphabet art initiative for their original & brilliant artwork; Beene Savage for cultivating the children’s inspiration; and Jenn Nelson for layout in production of the forest alphabet art cards.

All-star Rachel Bevington (Saltspring) for her hours of design & layout for the book, Forest Alphabet - Artistic Visions of a Forest in Trust to the Children; Karen Perras for photography of the children; Claudia Raaen for photography of the artwork; Miranda Black for alphabet illustration; Ruth Riddell (Saltspring/Cortes) for her ongoing search for a publisher; and special thanks to Ann Mortifee, Tzeporah Berman & Robert Bateman for their written endorsements.

Ester Strijbos for the design & layout of the colourful Forest Trust brochure.

The 24 children for their imaginative clay faces; Jacie Ruffell for guiding the children & firing the clay faces; Mary Clare Preston for facilitating the use of the pottery studio; Thea , Shannon & Niko for helping hands; and Tara, Kiera, Rhadika, Ella, Angelica for assembling the Ents.

The 10 children speaking out for the Children’s Forest in the promotional video; Daniel Pierce for videography; and Alexis Stoymenoff for interviews.

The 16+ artists from Salt Spring, Cortes, & Vancouver Islands participating in The Artist’s Journey for their original artistic contributions to the November auction on Salt Spring in support of the publication of the book ‘Forest Alphabet’.

Alma , Julian, Sancho, Kiera & Laara for their great voices reading in the audio recording of the Forest Alphabet; Rick Bochner for his guidance & recording; Hannu Huuskonen for his brilliant crafting of the completed audio reading; and Sean Coyote & the Cortes Radio for broadcasting.

The Teen Szene for hosting the community showing of the Lorax and donating their entire popcorn sales to purchase of the Children’s Forest.

Organizer extraordinaire, Fairahn Reid, Cortes youth & friends in Victoria for their striking species-at-risk buttons and campaign to champion Bill M211, the Species At Risk Protection Act.

Everyone who contributed to the successful community launch of the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island: Norman Harry, Klahoose elder, for his prayer & opening;
all of the participating children for their marvelous dancing, reading & musical talent;
Denise Wolda & Helena Nash for singing; Dianne Brussell for her choreography; Claudia Raaen for the slide show; Angelica & Irene Blueth for the striking poster; Lisa & Denise Gibbons for the 10 spectacular banners; Karen Perras, Amanda, Seamus, Sancho & Kayden for set-up; Hannu Huuskonen for his professional sound support & Helena Nash for stage logistics; Marilyn Fitzmaurice, Adam McKenty & Jason Andrews for trouble-shooting & tech support; Bob Osleeb for filming; Leslie Mack Mumford for food organizing & all the food contributors; and the 75 adults & countless children of the Cortes community who attended the community launch!

Andy Ellingsen & Paul Brewer, of the Wild We Stand Society, for providing interim legal & financial framework, and their on-going support & guidance.

Andrew Smyth for help with the constitution of the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society and for future application to obtain charitable status.

Eva Boucek, Chris Dragseth, Sabina Leader Mense, Adam McKenty, Christine Robinson & Serene Watson for standing, with Donna Bracewell & Ann Mortifee in the role of advisory directors, as the founding directors of the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!” Goethe

We’ve begun it!

Thank You! Thank You! for the hundreds of accumulated volunteer hours.
It truly takes a community to… imagine ...a forest in trust to the children!