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General News · 15th October 2012
Gypsy Mama
Well, hard to resist responding to John Drew's letter and the followup comments, for if I did that, I would be part of a SILENT MAJORITY, which is of course why so many inappropropriate bills/laws and polititions get into 'power'.
Really, how can you suggest taking a YELLOW CARD, (what ever that is)? Most of us know the reality is; when people stay quiet, nothing changes. We all know and IT acknowledges, IT's plan is to log without regard to forest sustainability, and the only means we citizens have to inspire a different solution is to continue speaking out so others can hear that we are not a SILENT MAJORITY! Overall my hope is that through continuing dialoge we find a creative solution that is beneficial for all. Personally, I am unwilling to lay down with yellow card and simply give others permission to walk all over our rights to have healthy natural forests growing, providing oxygen and of course helping balance the much talked about problem of carbon footprints...
Playing nice???? does that mean when the bully on the playground threatens an individual we all play nice, look the otherway and pretend it isn't happening? or do we intervene to protect those being abused and help the abuser choose healthier actions and communication.
John Drew mentions the idea that islanders are being driven by some off-island, anti-logging agenda, however considering he admits arriving less than a year ago that perhaps he is the one who has come with the insistence of force-fitting a pro-IT-logging on our island, to create and stir up divisiveness. Just what are your motives John Drew?
With less than a year on the island how can you presume to think that everyone came here for the same reason as you, yes I love that our island has tolerance and acceptance for individuals with differences, that is indeed a part of what attracted me to the island, being accepted, however more than that is my desire to be close to the forest and be more actively involved by stewarding healthy forest sustainability. Of course when I arrived, I was naive enough to think that 2.5 acres would do it, however it is a start, and as I build in a sustainable way, because "my doing" is all I have control of, so here since 2005, I'm still off-grid in my endevour to keep my footprint as small as possible. True, I am not responsible for other's actions, at the same time when huge corporations are imposing their actions on not just our local population, (realistically this contributes to our global crisis), it's time to stand up and speak out loudly about our concerns, otherwise how will our values be known.
So I also wonder just what your background is that you can suggest our sustainable forest values are "Pseudo-environmental values". What it the true nature of your agenda? Is there some way you stand to profit through IT's loggging agenda?
Quoting one of Jeremy Fischer's songs "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything!!!!"
Do you really think IT's logging plan is appropriate, or beneficial for anyone/thing other than their corporate and CEO profit margins? Do you really think we are better to laydown quietly with a yellow card? What ever happened to your feelings that this island with the ideals of Paul Bunyan and the age of Aquarius have an essence that is almost spiritual? Almost??? Almost spiritual, you have missed the boat, are you on Cortes or some other place void of natural forests. Please, get out in any forest and truly open your eyes,(or close them) breath deeply several times, maybe even for several moments, then tell us: how can one deny the spiritual essence present in the forests and every living thing in every season! Try it, you just might experience something to understand why so many people are standing up. We aren't professional revolutionaries with a desire to control, we aren't getting paid to speak about our values however overall it's fairly obvious to me that a revolution is already happening in many ways around the world and the only payment we hope for comes in the future which we hope continues to have natural forests for our grandchildren to experience.
Please do stand up for the sake of breathing oxygen locally!
Love always,
Gypsy Mama