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General News · 6th October 2012
Was it ever an option to put the playschool at Linnaea and the library downstairs at the hall? Anyway, here is one response to my letter. Please add any comments by clicking the balloon at the end of this posting. Thanks.

October 1, 2012
Dear Patricia leRoux,
Thank you for your email letter of September 21 regarding the issue of a library on Cortes Island.
Vancouver Island Regional Library has been involved in a process to find a new library on Cortes Island for two years and is currently operating a short-term temporary holds/pick up.
Members of our Board of Trustees voted at their June 9, 2012 Board meeting to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) process for a space of 660 to 2750 square feet for a new library on Cortes Island, which reflects VIRL policy. It is also consistent with the feedback we received from the Cortes Islanders who attended a public meeting we held on Cortes Island in May of this year and the many residents who took the time to write to us. Our RFP had only one respondent (Linnaea Farm Society). No property owners in Mansonís Landing responded to the RFP.
Our Board voted at their September 15, 2012 meeting to enter into an intent to lease agreement with the Linnaea Farm Society for the operation of a library on Cortes Island. The lease agreement is subject to resolving any issues regarding floor loading, access for persons with disabilities, and legal use as a library.
Establishing a library within the former Linnaea School is also subject to the Strathcona Regional District re-zoning the land and amending the Cortes Island Official Community Plan.
Members of our senior administrative team have made presentations to the Strathcona Regional District Board about the process Vancouver Island Regional Library uses to determine when and where libraries will be built, and how they are financed.
I am confident that Vancouver Island Regional Library Board and staff are taking all of the steps necessary to fulfill our commitment to providing library services on Cortes Island that are appealing, comfortable, inviting and safe.
Thank you again for taking the time to write to us to express your views.
Ronna-Rae Leonard, Chair Vancouver Island Regional Library Board of Trustees

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Re: VIRL - My motive revealed (to me)
Comment by Patricia on 11th October 2012
It took a while for me to understand why I was moved to write what I did with regard to the library at Linnaea. I do not have a problem with the library being at Linnaea. It is probably a completely suitable building and location. I recognize now that I was being selfish. The library was walking distance for me and I would stop in there at least twice a week if not three times. Now it is not walking distance away and I do not drive so what I was really upset about was that this is going to be a change in my own routine. So I said to myself - boo hoo, get over it.
It has been interesting to read your comments and many thanks.
Another Two Cents
Comment by Dan DeCicco on 11th October 2012
I have been a part time islander for 39 years and I am on island for no more than two months a year so my opinion on the library location doesnít play a huge role in the overall scheme of things. That being said, looking through my telescope from 2,092 kilometers away, the issue is of land use, rather than convenience of location.

Linnaea Farm has offered the land needed for a library while municipal land at/around Mansons hasnít or isnít available. I can only gather information via Tideline while Iím off island and I donít know if land has been offered for the library at Mansons in the past or present. If land hasnít been offered or just isnít available, there really isnít a need for debate until there is another viable option for the location of the library. If there isnít land in ďtownĒ, then there isnít a point in discussing the issue of convenience based on location for the service.
Comment by laura on 9th October 2012
i say thanxs to linnaea for stepping up to the plate i do relieze that it might be abit far for some to walk but it may also get people moving around the island to different locations instead of just staying in there hood we are diffently going to use the library where ever it may end up but it was the only submission so lets say thanxs to you guys for submitting and lets encourge and support this so we can get our library back hey its a beautiful location and actually not inconvent to most when it gets right to it and this would be wonderful for everyone on the island and there is nothing wrong with budding up and going to the libary together and carpooling lets share the island thanxs for submitting we apprecate it
Comment by Rik on 7th October 2012
To me, Linnea seams to be to much out of the way. It would be far more practical if it would be close to the mail, cafe, store, bank, school etc. Where everything is within walking distance.
Middle Earth
Comment by philip wood on 7th October 2012
I love the idea of the Library being at Linnaea , central to Mansons, Whaletown, and Squirrel Cove...the gardens, the trees, the lake, a great place to meet, read, and meditate. My personal agenda includes coming from our Squirrel Cove home enroute to Mansons with a Library stop on the way.
So where?
Comment by romina on 7th October 2012
I read all these complaints but there seems to be a key factor that people are not acknowledging. Linnaea was the ONLY submission to the RFP. No one in Mansons applied!

Where is this magical piece of land to come from? This the reality of the situation. I hear lots of disatisfaction but so far nobody has offered up a real solution in Mansons. Do we demand a property owner relinquish a parcel? Where is the building money coming from, bake sales? Do we get no library at all because it can't exsist in an ideal spot? I have a lot of gratitude for Linnaea for stepping up to this.
Hard to Justify
Comment by walkerevans on 2nd October 2012
I think that Mansons is unquestionably the best place to have a library. Wherever it ends up it's hard to justify spending much money on a Library for a community of 1000, most of whom do not use it nor intend to.
library location
Comment by Brigid Weiler on 1st October 2012
Less gas if you live in Whaletown or Squirrel Cove.
Comment by Nicola on 1st October 2012
I agree with Patricia that locating the library at Linnaea isn't a good idea. That the farm was the only location offered does not make it a suitable venue. It is out of the way for just about everyone, including those who don't live at Manson's but who still come to 'Town" for their mail, the market, coffee shops, co-op, general store etc.. What happens to the library if the property it sits on changes hands? It seems to me, a casual observer, that it really should be located on community land or in a public building where there is existing infrastructure (especially parking), as close as possible to the most densely populated and busiest area of the Island, i.e. Manson's. The Credit Union, the Hall, the School, the Museum, the Fire Hall, or adjacent to the Clinic., for instance. But not somewhere most members of the public seldom go, which is not within walking distance of any of our main amenities.
O.K. I live at Manson's so I have an agenda, but I think it is a slippery slope if we start decentralising Down-Town. It would surely affect local businesses adversely, and it would force us all to burn more gas. Nope, not a good idea at all.