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General News · 12th September 2012
sue vican
One BC Residents experience...posted on WEEP News....The Canadian Initiative to Stop Wireless, Electric and Electromagnetic Pollution. Protect your analog meter while you can...

Harm Caused by Smart Meter

Hello to WEEP,

I am 66, very active & fit. I went thru complete heart workup ending July 25 with a very successful Stress Test with Dr. Vaz, cardiologist at Vernon Jubilee Hosp. I was 120/80 that day.

On Aug.10 the 16 Smart meters were installed 25 feet from my home. I began to feel choking, heart flip flopping, and ringing in my ears. My blood pressure (BP) was high, but BP down by leaving my home. Aug 31 I could not bring BP down anymore.

I had the 24 hour heart monitor Sept.17-18. I purposely went to the Public Library where there are many wireless computers. That made spikes on the readout, then at 7 PM I stood by the Meter wall, another big spike. My GP said I had to take BP Med NORVASC or I would be at risk of stroke. The GP maintains I am just anxious for nothing, she had me try tranquilizers but they did not bring the BP down so I stopped .

From a fine heart to a hurt heart in 3 weeks. I know I have very little time to sell and get out because the EMRs will continue to damage me. I am not happy at all to be one of the first bodies to fall ( as Dr. David Carpenter says). Everyone next to walls of Meters is at serious risk, if the EMRs got me that fast.

Little kids new to school are now exposed to Smart meters, routers and wireless computer labs. MY daughter said my 6 year old grandson came home the second day behaving in ways he never has before. PLEASE keep advising people to do all they can to lock their meters on and resist. We need more courage, more people resisting and locking their meters on. Gary Murphy was turfed from Philadelphia, the metering was stopped because of fires and Lucky BC got Murphy to run BC's Metering?

There is no one looking after our health and safety anymore. Blatherwick and Kendall turned tail. Canadians, stop beiig so 'nice', meek, compliant caving to lies and intimidation.

British Columbia