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General News · 4th September 2012
Tim Murray
Who Is Hiding From The Light?

Strathcona Regional District Director Noba Anderson circulated a July 2012 newsletter to Cortes Island residents. In part, she targeted a Cortes constituent for the apparent crime of consistently attending Regional District Board meetings and writing to the board about issues of concern. Ms. Anderson complained that, “Without witness, a minority view can greatly influence decisions and therefore undermine the majority view.” Anderson concluded her complaint by promising that she would “continue to investigate other ways of making our process more participatory and transparent (sic).”

Subsequent to a number of consequential unprovoked and disparaging criticisms of this constituent by some Anderson minions, Daniel Fretts, also a Cortesian, wrote (letter attached) for the August Board meeting. He observed that Anderson’s act of subjecting a citizen to public embarrassment merely for exercising her civic rights was a wrongful act of intimidation that should warrant censure from the District Board--- especially if regional district tax dollars were expended.

So questions remain. Why did Anderson or her political colleagues on the Board not publicly redress this wrongdoing? For what reasons did they not chastise Anderson for her disparaging attack?Will the District Board confirm their cost of Anderson’s mail out? Was their cowardly failure to do the right thing by rebuking Anderson for her action and issuing a belated apology to this aggrieved citizen evidence of a belief that silence will fade grievances away? Overall, Why their fear of scrutiny?

Obviously, Anderson was ignorant of the irony that when she pointed her finger at her constituent, she was pointing three fingers back at herself and her fellow District Directors, jointly and severally. In this connection, may we be so impertinent as to suggest that she and her political colleagues could start by coming clean by answering some further questions:

What is the Regional District hiding? Why did their Corporate Services Manager block auditors from access to information relevant to their audit pursuant to Canadian Auditing Standards? Why hasn’t the Regional District Board acknowledged the auditor’s report signed off in May 2012? Why can’t taxpayers access 2011 audited financial statements? Isn’t financial disclosure the most fundamental feature of transparency? How can any governing body that claims to be responsible, accountable and transparent keep constituents in the dark regarding financial matters resulting from the use of taxpayers’ money?

If Regional District Directors protest their innocence for their Corporate ServiceManager’s obstruction, why has he not been terminated for cause? Who is in charge?

Do they think that their multiple transgressions can continue to escape public notice as in the past so long as they can continue to rely on less than vigilant news media?

Who is acting Without Witness ?

Tim Murray 250-285-3866