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General News · 21st August 2012
sue vican
Lock up your analog meter, Post CORIX/HYDRO NO TRESSPASSING SIGNS on your meter and on your front door, and write to Hydro refusing smart meters... otherwise you will soon have one of what many are calling "dumb", "death" and "murder" meters....and guess what, these meters affect not only your health, safety and privacy, but also your neighbors,, because they communicate in a grid, and if you have one, and your neighbor doesn't, they are still being impacted by yours.... Health effects may include cancer, neurological like dizziness and memory issues, depression, nausea, insomnia..... the meters have also been connected with house fires, increased hydro bills, and privacy issues.... as to the latter....some believe this is the beginning of a total grid to monitor, measure and control every aspect of our lives...its a small step from RFID tagging your house to next implanting a chip in each and every one of are still pretty insulated from these changes on the island.....please let's keep it that way.... see for more info and advice on how to stop the Hydro invasion....