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General News · 16th August 2012
Dianne Bersea
I had no intention of becoming a smart meter activist when I first made a few posts about smart meter installations. But I am receiving such startling information from many sources. The Smart Meter might be one of the most clever and dangerous scams we have encountered. Despite a well worded statement about their benefits presented by the Environmental Defence Fund, I found the No Smart Meter presentation by Brian Thiesen so compelling, I am more firmly opposed to Smart Meters than ever. We are all smart enough to recognize the truth when we hear it. We are electrical systems. It is inevitable that increased wireless radiation will have an impact. Check this video out presented by someone who recognizes a problem when he sees one. You will too. Thanks to Jack Wills for forwarding the link. The video is about an hour long. Jack suggested I might want to start the video at the 18 minute mark to jump over the preamble. But I found the whole video extremely compelling. The first eighteen minutes reminds us about how our bodies function which is a good place to start. As our bodies are electrical entities firing finely tuned electrical impulses we can be heavily affected by external electrical / radiation fields. Why add a major new source of radiation into a matrix that already includes cell phones, microwaves and computer routers and all their attendant routing towers??? The issues are too many to itemize. Many communities are opposed. Some areas in the US are already requiring Smart Meter removal. Watch this video and attend the community meeting, Tuesday, August 21 at Manson's Hall. Link to Brian Thiesen presentation at: