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General News · 10th August 2012
Dianne Bersea
I am feeling very anxious at the moment. I just sent off two letters, one to BC Hydro and one to their Smart Meter installer, Corix Ultilities with cc's to numerous government folks including Premier Christy Clark. I've embarked on a rocky road I'm sure, and by all accounts, my wishes to prevent a Smart Meter installation will be overridden. The letter I recently received from BC Hydro was designed to encourage the uneasy feelings I have now. But I do feel so strongly about the potential harmful effects from Smart Meters. The research and reports I've found suggest such a strong correlation between the pulsed radiation from Smart Meters and the absence of bees and hummingbirds in their vicinity. If Smart Meter radiation has such an impact, no gardens nearby will be pollinated. We are already in a deficit position in that regard. My heart hurts. Here's what I sent to Hydro and their subcontractor (cover letter and attached PDF. I would love to know that I have lots of support!

Attention BC. Hydro, Corix Utilities and agents and/or assignees thereof:

Please find attached letter regarding Smart Meter installation on my property.

Note that I practice a concerned lifestyle regarding radiation. I do not own or watch television. My internet connection is turned off for eight to ten hours per day, or only turned on when internet service required. I own a cell phone that is used so infrequently I am challenged to keep the battery and service topped up. My property is visited by a plethora of many varieties of bees, hummingbirds and other small but essential life forms that can quickly react to unexpected or unnecessary levels of radiation. My head and heart hurts for the losses we might experience. Please review your Smart Meter plan!

I am also puzzled by the claim that Smart Meters will result in lower electricity fees. I would like a break down of how the extraordinary cost of installation will be amortized without additional cost to me.

Thank you.