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General News · 2nd July 2012
James and Marise
Fresh wheatgrass juice is a natural organic living juice and is one nature’s most nutritional and healthy foods especially when grown from organic non GMO Canadian seed.

One ounce of wheatgrass juice is the nutritional equivalent to 2.2 pounds of fresh organic vegetables. This ounce is packed with over 103 vitamins; 17 major minerals; over 80 enzymes; 18 of the 22 amino acids including the 8 essential ones that the body can only source directly from nature; and two essential fatty acids.

It is one of nature’s finest nutrient dense foods. It is so dense that it is a life sustaining complete food all by itself. It is rich in chlorophyll, protein, and enzymes. It can be home grown, indoors, year round, for less than $ .25 per fluid ounce accounting for the seed and soil costs but excluding labor. And you can harvest it every two weeks under normal growing conditions.

A large percentage of wheatgrass’ composition, after the water is removed, is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is very similar in molecular structure to that of human red blood cells, enhancing the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen to every cell in your body. It also produces an environment that suppresses bacterial growth in the body and counteracts toxins that have been ingested. Nature uses the chlorophyll in wheatgrass as a body cleanser, regenerator, and neutralizer of the toxins that accumulate in our bodies and can eventually poison our systems. The accumulations of these toxins can contribute to degenerative diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. It also creates a more alkaline environment in our body; degenerative diseases thrive in an acidic environment. Some additional benefits of chlorophyll include: chelation of heavy metals, lessing of the affects of radiation, rapid delivery of magnesium, anti inflammatory, and contains folic acid, iron, calcium and protein.

Our nutritious home grown wheatgrass juice and drinks are now available at Saturday’s Outdoor Market on Quadra Island and at Friday’s Market at Manson’s Hall, Cortes Island. You can enjoy shots of pure wheatgrass juice and our fresh juiced ginger and mint wheatgrass drinks, and take a pint jar home to the family. We are also offering a wheatgrass cleanse special: buy two pints (32 oz) of our ginger wheatgrass drink and get the third one free. Please call or email us ahead of time to reserve your special: James and Marise 250 935-0216 or

A hands-on workshop on “How to grow wheatgrass at home year round” is also available on Quadra Island on Saturday July 21 and 28. Classes are limited to 4 persons and include harvesting, juicing, tasting, and planting wheat berries. Sign up early as the July 14th class is already full. The next workshop on Cortes Island is Thursday, July 12 with space for one more!