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General News · 23rd May 2012
A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped organize the Casual Cup and to all our off-island guests who made the trek to Cortes.

It was a great weekend full of fun, food and laughter. On Sunday, the rain was light and subsided in the afternoon. With a light breeze at their backs, "The Jangles" came from behind and prevailed in the end of an exciting final.

Amazingly, all the individual awards were won by Cortesians. Nephelium (age 8) took the prize for the youngest player, and Dannon (age 5) won for best coach, while Ron Bazar took the trophy for elder statesman even though he disputed the judges' ruling. He declared that he was a just "an old looking thirty three", and when someone reminded him of his daughters and grandchildren, he claimed that he first conceived a child at age 4 (or did I just make all that up?).

Is truth stranger than fiction? Well "Sneaky" Pete somehow won for best sportsmanship, Alex Hornby somehow was on the winning team for the fifth time in six years, and even "Sneaky" wondered if Alex should ever be allowed to set the teams again. Still, "Lexi" also won the prize for best throw, and some claim that his victory string has more to do with the reality that he can throw farther and more accurately than anyone else on the field than who he includes on the team with him. Others remain unconvinced.

The highlight of the day, turned out to garner the "Flying Dutchman" Award for the best "lay out" catch. In the final, with his team scoreless and trailing by four (the game was first to 7 points), Aedrin Bower (age 12) then the shortest player on the field went deep in the end zone, and even though the tallest player on the field sped over and deflected the disc away from him at the last moment, undaunted he dove and somehow managed to catch it. The taller members of his team, then inspired rallied, led by "the mighty Drinster", and won the game 7 to 6.

On a more casual note, the coveted "Chill" Award, for the participant who exerts the least energy, was captured amazingly by Tosh Harvey (age 11) who only played two points but no doubt ran more off the field than most people who were playing.

Here's a hopefully complete list of thank yous: The Cortes School for letting us use the facility, Mixed Greens for playing dance music into the night, Alanah and Yoshi for making lunch and dinner, Garnette for letting us use her kitchen, Greg for spreading the word all over BC and Henri for managing the finances, Ryan and Lovena for tea, tents and tables, and all those who pitched in when the time was right.

It was good to see so many locals come out for dinner and to join in the evening festivities. It was great to see newcomers like Eva and Jay play so well. It was Ultimate to see that spinning disc sailing through the air until it was snatched by outstretched fingers just inches off the ground.

See you next year.