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General News · 12th May 2012
November 2008 the province took away our ability to receive, store and or transport electronics at this facility. 4 years later and you dear public are still leaving that stuff here. We tell you no, take it to town and then later we find your printer/tv/stereo/vcr/computer and all it's peripherals in a corner. Put here when our backs are turned. This is absolutely not ok. We hear stories like "but it works", it does not matter if it works we can't have it on site. Period. Here's another thing no one wants your old out of date working stuff. So I'm stuck with taking it to town on my dime, not fair not ok got to stop.

For the last 6 months I've been working at getting us licensed to be a drop off spot and as soon as we are ready I will let everyone know. For now if you have electronics to get rid of you can do 3 things, 1 put an ad in the flyer and on the Tideline "free to a good home, working ( fill in the blank). 2 take it to town, 1393 Maple street, North Island Bottle Depot is licensed. 3 save it until we are done with the preparations for our own drop off spot.

On another subject the metal pile, on thursday a young man in sandals was asked by 3 different people to get out of the pile. He chose to ignore this, I went up and talked to him explaining why he can't be in there and as soon as my back was turned back he went. Real told at him, Brian told at him I told him at him to no avail. What he didn't know was my boss was standing there watching this. Not good. A singular lack of respect for authority that could have disastrous results as in blood running from a slash of twisted dirty metal. Work Safe BC periodically drops in on us unannounced and we would be in deep do if they saw this type of behaviour and the regional district would get fined or worse. From now on if you refuse to do as directed by myself or staff you will be asked to leave immediately. If you refuse I will call 911 and report you to the RCMP. We would really appreciate it if you would co opperate with us on this ongoing issue.

Not a happy midden keeper today.