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One of the Trucks
General News · 2nd May 2012
Richard Trueman
About 11:15 this morning while the Walking Group was coming back from their 9 AM walk they saw two trucks barreling into the parking lot at Mansons Hall. Seeing the VIRL logo on one of the trucks, two members rushed to the library entrance and stood firm barring entrance by the representative and movers.

Our Hall manager alerted one of our SCCA Negotiating Reps and our Regional Director and 25 people including a librarian congregated around the ramp to the Library and had discussions about the ramifications of such an action by the VIRL and possible future outcomes as far a VIRLs rep was privy to.

One of the trucks was to go off island and the other was to stay on island. It was called “thinning” the collection. An inspection crew is slated to come by this week to re-evaluate the present Library structure.
Librarian, Regional Director, VIRL Rep, Other truck
Librarian, Regional Director, VIRL Rep, Other truck
Comment by Nicola on 3rd May 2012
You know what, if there is ANY likelihood of the mezzanine collapsing, one can see why the bureaucracy had to take the action they have. It's all about liability.
Personally, I feel that if one can still select a book on line and have it come in by mail, it's not the end of the world for heaven's sake! We are very fortunate! There are computers available everywhere if one doesn't have one's own.
We can also start swapping books in earnest, like they do in the Baja - wherever you go you can find a shelf of books, in both English and Spanish, and everyone is welcome to take one or 2 and drop off what they have.
I am sorry about the loss of the librarians job though, but apart from that I think we should just suck it up and stop whining!