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General News · 2nd May 2012
Richard Lawton
An apparently true story from decades ago:
A Rolls-Royce owner was touring in France when a half shaft broke on his rear axle. Stranded, he made his way to the nearest town and called Rolls-Royce who, after a few minutes calmly asked him to go back to his car. When he arrived the axle was fixed, with a note on the windscreen that said: "Sir, Rolls-Royce half shafts don't break". They had come by helicopter and fixed it.
This tempest-in-a-teacup library floor charade can be defused by bolting 2 x 8's (or 3 x 10's) to the existing floor joists NOW before the engineering inspection. Almost any meaningful added strength will solve the "problem". Overkill is cheap and effective - just make sure the engineer reports to VIRL that the floor is safe...