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General News · 28th April 2012
Bill Dougan
I can not claim to know anything of what has been going on behind the scenes in regards to the recent library shut down but I tend to get a little suspicious when they state that " all materials will be removed next week". If the people sitting in some offices no where near Cortes really cared about our ability to have a library you would think they might do one of the following.

1. Temporarily close until improvements can be made. ...At which point , in typical Cortes tradition, a very talented team of volunteers would be assembled to make the improvements as fast a possible to keep it going.

2. Close , with warning, until a temporary location could be located at which time the facility could be back up and running

3. Or talk to the community in an open way about the situation. We are an ingenious bunch and I am sure we would come up with a solution.

But to close with no warning and to state that " all materials will be removed next week', sounds more like a typical " screw you" solution because we cant get what we want.
I am sure the people who made this decision are good people. Its just to bad that in their world this is how you treat people and organizations that dont agree with you. The art of compromise seems to be a lost art. Everyone seems to be in it for themselves and damn the rest.
We all pay taxes for this library, its our library , a community library for all of Cortes Island. Someone in some office doesnt own these books, we own these books. This issue is for all of us to resolve, this is our community, whether you use the library or not, every time something like is chipped away we lose a sense of community.
Once its gone, it will be much more difficult to get it back then if it never leaves in the first place.
Maybe we can be set up an awesome Cortes greeting party for them when they come to take our library, maybe one day someone will even write a book about it. Maybe we'll even be able to sign it out at OUR library.