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General News · 12th April 2012
Max Thaysen
Hey Wendy.

just read your latest post. I appreciate the time and energy you donate to looking into the details of things. I agree with you that any climate projects undertaken should be financially sustainable. As in: anything with an ongoing cost should be self-funded. and I think this is quite possible. We can use the funds for infrastructure and the thing can pay for itself by user fees from whoever benefits, or whatever, etc.

I wanted to point out one thing I didn't agree with, though: I don't think Cortes has the carbon footprint of a gnat. Without checking any details, I would guess that our amount of importing foods, travelling around, purchasing products and materials from around the world (etc.) is roughly the same as the average canadians. ... maybe a touch less. And that would put us way (!) over the kyoto protocol's target 'good' range of carbon emissions and many would argue that those are not stringent enough of an upper limit if you take a precautionary principal approach.

What may certainly be true, and what you may be thinking, is that the majority of these emissions do not happen on Cortes island. And that can be tricky for people. Our emissions are coal fired power plants in washington(or whereever) that supply some of our power, factories overseas, planes, trains and automobiles that ship the stuff, etc. I would say that our carbon footprint is more like that of a giant deranged, blind, dinosaur (and just one of a herd).

that's all; keep up the good work.