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General News · 4th April 2012
Ray Grout
Dorje Ling Presents:
An evening with Tibetan Lama Geshe YongDong:
At Linnaea Farm Education Centre
Friday 4th May 7 - 9 p.m.

The community is cordially invited to come out and meet Tibetan Lama Geshe YongDong; listen to his story of becoming a nomad sheep herder at 10 years old; how he became a monk at the age of 13; what life was like living in Tibet after the Chinese invasion; his life in a Tibetan monastery where he gained the highest academic degree awarded – the Rajampa Geshe degree; and how he escaped through a treacherous 10 day walk over the Himalayan mountains to Nepal and then finally to meet with H.H. Dalai Lama 14th in Dharamsala, India.
Geshe YongDong or “GesheLa” is an endearing and gregarious lama with a gentle smile and unlimited compassion, is a natural story teller.
He arrived in Canada in 1999, was granted "refugee" status by the Canadian government and began learning about "western" culture, traditions and the English language.
In 2001, he moved to Courtenay B.C., & in 2002 he created and founded “Sherab Chamma Ling” the Tibetan Bon Buddhist centre in Courtenay. In 2006, GesheLa became a Canadian citizen.
GesheLa travels regularly to teach groups all over Vancouver Island and travels yearly to teach groups at centers in California, Texas; and Washington. He is the author of several Tibetan books on Buddhist philosophy, the Bardo, Tibetan poetry, culture and history.
For centuries the ancient teachings of the Tibetan Yungdrung Bön Buddhist tradition were kept secret, accessible only to a very few. Yungdrung Bön is Geshe YongDong's lineage and he is one of only a handful of masters of the Bön Dzogchen tradition, living in the west qualified to give teachings and transmissions.
Then on Saturday, he will present a one day workshop (approx. 3 1/2 hours of teaching) from 10 am until 3:30 pm at Dorje Ling. Lunch break from noon until 1 pm.

Further information: 935-6691 or email: