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General News · 14th March 2012
A friend and I went to Playa Los Cerritos in the Trooper I am 'borrowing' yesterday. When we got back from walking/swimming, the Military had parked us in and 6 soldiers were waiting for driver of the vehicle to show up. Apparently prev owner was narco dealer. Their faces fell when they saw we were just 2 aged abuelitas with 2 wet sandy dogs. They thought they had a 'bust' obviously. We had to shake hands with all the men, and had a good laugh! (For those who haven't seen it, the Isuzu Trooper I borrow from an old hippie dude here is the ugliest nasty-looking banged up rustbucket you can imagine).
The soldiers had been having a great time posing for photos with girls in bikinis on the beach, semi-automatic rifles and all, waiting for the narco dude to show up.
Gotta love Mexico!
Back in 4 weeks, hope weather up there smartens up! I see nothing but ferry advisories on my e-mail these days.
Stay warm and dry!
(abuelita = little old grandma)