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We are always changing our feature exhibits!

"The Big Tree - the Fir, the Fungus & the Fallers" Exhibit Opened - July 10, 2016.

Fall-Winter-Spring: Friday and Saturday, 12-4pm.

This summer we are honouring a sentinel of the past with two exciting new exhibits.
• A cross section of the iconic Bartholomew Road old growth fir tree, which came down last summer, is now mounted in the Cortes Island Museum’s Heritage Garden.
• The story of the tree and the people who preserved it is presented in a new feature exhibit in our gallery. The display explores the importance of old growth forests to First Nations, the environment, and early logging on Cortes. Mushroom lovers will be particularly interested in our exploration of the interaction between the Agarikon and old-growth Douglas fir. Cortes artist/photographer David Ellingsen, is also sharing photographs from his recent exhibition The Last Stand.
Curated by Nancy Kendel and Christian Gronau

"Squirrel Cove - A Spirit of Place" .
Klahoose People moved there permanently in the 1890s but they and other First Nations had used the area seasonally for centuries. Early European settlers came about the same time, drawn by logging, mining and fishing. For the surrounding area the cove became the place to purchase supplies, have a boat built or have equipment, radios & machinery fixed. In the early 1900s Squirrel Cove was a thriving community with a post office, 2 stores, a church, school, hall, 2 machine shops, a mill, boat works, 2 marine ways, a blacksmith shop and a log booming ground. Little remains today…
Curators: Laurel Bohart and Lisa Gibbons
Producers: Lynne Jordan, Thea Block and Yvonne Kipp
The 4th booklet in Cortes Museum’s history series – Squirrel Cove – is available in the Cortes Museum and the Squirrel Cove general store.

"Ecosystems and Species at Risk on Cortes Island" highlights endangered wetlands on our island with links and a map to trail hike you can take to personally view one of these sensitive ecosystems.
Curated by Sabina Leader-Mense

History of Forest Fires on Cortes" with a map showing places and dates of fires compiled by Brian Pfeifle. Examples of how trees have been affected and their efforts to grow over damaged trunks are displayed, plus how bats can use partially burned out tree trunks.
Curated by Christian Gronau

"When Wrangellia Came Wandering In" shows evidence of the violent stories of tectonic collision, upheaval, glaciation, isotatic rebound, xenoliths, dykes and the earth forces that shaped Desolation Sound.
Curated by Christian Gronau

"Wild Cortes - Woods, Waters & Wetlands" - will be moved to Linnaea Farm this summer. The purpose of the exhibit is to increase awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment of our diverse island wildlife. Many island residents live here to enjoy the wilderness, however most of us have never seen the endangered plant and animal species that call Cortes home and are present
"The Big Tree - the Fir, the Fungus & the Fallers" - Opening Day
"The Big Tree - the Fir, the Fungus & the Fallers" - Opening Day