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General News · 24th February 2012
Kathy Francis
Open Letter to Richard Jacobs.

I am writing in response to your letter posted on Cortes Tidelines and the Cortes Marketeer regarding Klahoose First Nations’ zoning for aquaculture in the Gorge Harbour.

I would like to correct some of your mistruths and misstatements.

The statement “Parties supporting the change of zoning applied for were Klahoose Band themselves, oyster farmers….”, is not a complete reflection of supporters at that meeting. Numerous other island residents spoke in favour of the zoning, i.e. community members not affiliated with the aquaculture industry, farmers, builders, loggers, millers, teachers, retired individuals, and simply concerned individuals seeking employment for the island economy.

To say this this was a “politically expedient process”, is simply untrue. For Klahoose, this process started in 2003, with applications submitted in 2009, and finally getting our zoning approval in 2012, does not reflect “political expediency”.

I personally take great exception to your statements that “She does not care about the greater Cortes community”. Again: untrue and extremely antagonistic. What should have been reflected in your write up was: “She said Klahoose has no obligation to the greater Cortes community to divulge its Business Plans or other financial records, as no other business operator is required to do”.

Further to that I did not say “there would be no jobs for the grater Cortes community.” As noted several times in the minutes of the meeting I stated “there could be economic spin-offs to the community, but understand that ultimately, this is a Klahoose First Nation tenure, and our obligation is to our members.”

As to your comments, “Klahoose Band was given preferential treatment”, is an affront to our Nation. We made application, like everyone else in the industry, and are simply trying to create long-term, environmentally sustainable employment.

As for “this is simply a cash grab”, again, you could not be further from the truth. As people buy and sell, move on and off the island, Klahoose First Nation has, and will continue to live and prosper here.


Kathy Francis
Being “Refreshingly honest”