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General News · 19th February 2012
Jedidiah Duyf
Dear Cortes, anonymous posters,

Contrary to opinions otherwise, most of us who oppose large-scale industrial logging are aware of the fact that our lives would be pretty bleak without wood products. I myself, as a builder with wood, struggle with this fact everyday. It is difficult for me to look at a pile of lumber without thinking about the beautiful place that was sacrificed so that I could derive employment from installing it. This makes me carefully consider what materials I use and where they come from. It also makes me very conscious of waste and how to mitigate it. Saying that if you use wood products in your life, you should support the current logging policies enforced by this province, is the same as George W. Bush saying you’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists. These statements try to condense very complicated issues into a simple question of black and white. This is what the corporations who control the majority of our forests want us to do right now. They’d rather we were arguing amongst ourselves and calling each other hypocrites than wondering who is really benefiting from the profits of the industry and what we will really be left with when the value has been reaped. If you were able to ask workers in the forestry sector one hundred, even fifty years ago, whether they thought we would ever be shutting down mills in BC for a lack of economically viable timber, they would have laughed and said, “no one could mismanage a resource that badly”. Unfortunately the salmon fishermen would have said the same thing. I can’t change your mind, only you can do that, but before you judge me again I hope you will ask yourself who is the real hypocrite: a carpenter who cares about the forest that gives him a living or the government that tells you it cares about your livelihood and then sells your jobs out the backdoor on a freighter.

Sincerely Jedidiah Duyf