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General News · 7th February 2012
Kiyoshi kosky
I want to tell you a story about a young boy who stood in a blockade against the forestry company, Macmillan Blodel, in Squirrel Cove, many years ago. At the time of this blockade, his brothers and sisters were not defined by race or color. Where, in this moment of time, the only line drawn was the hand reaching out in friendship. The Island united, as one society, standing up for what they believed in. There is no greater power than being selfless! Linnaea Farm School and its parents made a conscious choice to close school and stand united as a community. There was no school, no chopping wood, no business, only the idea, that it was the right thing to do! He remembers that time. Everything stopped, his Cortetion society stood as one people, one voice, and one idea. At that moment, the community held the balance of nature in its hands, and it felt empowering.

The boy was a proud person that day, yes, demonstrating social democracy at its core-self. That was a great day. On that day, the community relationships with each other stopped the clear cutting of the forest. That boy is now a man, and hopes that the community will stand again and safe guard the forest that he grew up in. It is time to stand again as a community, and I will come home to continue what I started as a young boy. That will not be a great day; it will be an amazing day.

Kiyoshi Kosky