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General News · 21st January 2012
A friend of mine was inspired by the Children's forest article in the Vancouver Observer and told me this cautionary tale about clear cuts and wolf displacement from a couple of years back, which was never mentioned in media:

"In the BC Interior, clear cuts in the Adams Lake area caused a very established pack of wolves to move into the Heffley Creek area, North of Kamloops. One by one, the wolves were snared and eradicated, since they were considered threats to the ranchers. This caused me so much pain. NEVER was this mentioned by environmental groups. So much for protecting the wolves! I remember hearing the trapper brag about catching the 'kingpin' - a very old male wolf. It was his pack, apparently. If the clear cut in the Adams Lake area hadn't occurred, the wolves would have stayed put, and would still be alive. So I just had to share this with you...

This story, like I'm sure many others, is kept hidden from the public. It would please me to see it get more exposure. I "think" the wolf kill was authorized by the Ministry of Environment, or another government department (Forests? Agriculture?)...that would be an avenue to check out. Everytime I saw TV/Print advertising for "save the Wolves" after this incident I often wondered....what about "my" wolves? Nobody saved them! This occurred about 2 years ago, maybe 3?"