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General News · 10th January 2012
Bruce Ellingsen
The Cortes Community Forest Cooperative has, at long last, been registered and you will all soon be receiving your membership shares and our thanks for your support.

A well attended community meeting in late December with Brian Smart, RPF, who created a Draft Management Plan to be part of the Application for the Community Forest, was felt to be very productive. The Cortes community is now getting “engaged” in the whole process.

In addition, Brian Smart came to appreciate the depth of awareness and understanding within the Cortes community around the issues of forest management, the capacity within the community to generate economic benefits for the Island and the strong community desire to be involved in crafting of an ecosystem-based management plan for the forests of Cortes of which we can all be proud. Brian supports this approach.

Following that meeting, and at the request of some community members, the decision was made for the Co-op to retain Herb Hammond to perform a review, within the scope shown below, of the technical data underlying the Draft Management Plan:

Date: December 31, 2011 12:45:57 PM PST (CA)
Subject: Technical review by Herb

Hello Bruce and Herb,
My understanding of the scope of Herb's work is as follows:

1. A summary analysis of the recent Timber Supply Review undertaken for this project, and whether the assumptions and methodology used in that review are consistent with an ecosystem- based approach.

2. A summary review of the current draft Management Plan, and whether the plan is consistent with both a community based process and with the principles of ecosystem-based forest

3. Herb's opinion on the significance of the AAC as specified in the Management Plan and the degree of commitment or flexibility that figure represents going forward.

My understanding is that Herb has agreed to undertake the above work within a budget of $4,000 and that the forest co-op has agreed to this amount. It is my further understanding that the
work will be undertaken and completed within the month of January 2012. While the co-op will be Herb's immediate client, it is understood that the resulting report will be a public document and will be freely available to all.

At 10:08 AM 1/5/2012, Bruce Ellingsen wrote:
Good morning Herb,
The Co-op wishes to retain your services to perform a review of the technical data as set out in Georges' Email below and within the time frame and budget mentioned. We feel that your involvement will go a long way toward assisting our community in the development of a consensus around the forest
management approach that best suits Cortes.
Please let us know if you can do this for us and how you wish to proceed.
With best regards and good wishes to you and Susie,
Bruce Ellingsen,
for the CCFC.

On 6-Jan-12, at 11:19 AM, Herb Hammond wrote:
Hello Bruce---
Thanks for the opportunity to work with the Cortes Community Forest Co-op to review existing documents for their conformance with the principles and practice of ecosystem-based forest management, and to provide recommendations that will facilitate the Cortes Community Forest being managed to the standards for ecosystem-based forest management.

Best Regards