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General News · 10th January 2012
John Preston
Not a war cry, a life cry. Dec 11th 2011
Cortes Island
It’s not simply about the trees. It’s simply about the cancer. “The money cancer”. The cancer of un-earned, unlimited money. The cancer of “I deserve because I have”! Not because “I did”, not because “I made”, not because “I created”, not because “I worked”, but because “I have”. The cancer is the “I” that money can create, separate and ravenous. “I”, “Mine”, even self pitying “Me”, are not to be found elsewhere in nature. Not in the tree, not in the deer, not in the the whale- ONLY IN US -in the mind of man and woman. This solely self serving “I” may have moved the species forward at one time in evolution, but it is so over now, so de-evolutionary now. Now our collective life, the future of our children, our very planet, depend upon a collective leap, a leap from the isolated “I” to the connected “We”. Somewhere in each of us this knowledge is growing.

Brokers on Bay and Wall streets work hard, it is truly stressful. They too have families, they may even deserve a million or two for helping the wheels of commerce turn. But cancerous hundreds of millions ? the toxic billions ? …..- NO !...... - that is the evil of the “unearned”.

To “clear cut” when we could “selective cut”, to scrape the skin off the land when we could just pluck- NO! Knowing what we now know, how could we? Knowing what we know about our suffocating planet, that needs every green breath it can get to heal, so our children can have children, so our children can avoid the airless ovens that our selfish avarice is casting them in! What is wrong with us to even consider it ? NO !

Reality is creative, momentary, and ever new… It is breath. It is not derivative! The superego created by horded money cannot breath. Like a tumor it is airless, anarobic and fearful. The having “more” , spreads the panic of “having less” . The fear of the “not enough”. This is how money keeps power and grows more cancer in its subjects. To many billionaires, millionaires are “little people”, to many millionaires we are “the mob”. To be rich without dedicated devotion to sharing , is to be one of “the lords of cancer”, a “wraith of want”, only comfortable in the company of other ” wraiths”. It means to live in constant vigilance against the uninvited request, the intruding voice that asks us to “give” to those who have “not”, those who live in the dungeons of the edifice that this unnatural wealth has created. “They” live in fear of being dragged under by “us”. …………… We, too, are they.

Money is guns, and guns are power, it is that simple. Money just decided to kill more than a million people in Iraq in order to sooth itself, and it did. Money just decided to bet against all of us with our own savings , and then made all of us pay when they lost their bet. Money makes it’s own rules in the game of greed. Why do we allow this? We could feed the whole world right now. We could educate the whole world right now, there is already enough. But money says “no” , so millions die nameless. In the eternal “now” of reality these are no enemies, in the eternal “no” of money there are no friends.

Of course we are all implicated in this, each to our own personal degree, our retirement, our carefully crafted futures, our “free” time, none of us untainted. Each of us compromised somewhere on the sliding scale between natural needs and unsustainable wants. Of course it is complicated, of course it is nuanced, and of course it is simply about courage.The courage to say stop! The courage to say “enough”. It is time to get un-implicated, it is time to grow up, and clean up, after this party of glut and fear. It is time to act.

Lets begin right here at home by saying “No” to high profit- low responsibility “clear cuts”. Lets begin by saying” No” to the belief that money has the right to kill the forest, has the right to kill our planet, has the right to kill us. “No”…. …….This is not casual, this is life or death. They are coming for us. It is time to wake up, stand up and act up.

John Preston