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General News · 5th January 2012
Richard & Carol Trueman
Snowbirds Go South: Part 5-B
(for the benefit of Cortesians who may want to go to Mexico)

We awoke at 6 AM planning to get the Primera Plus bus to Melaque which the internet said leaves at 7:45 AM and arrives 3 1/2 hours later. The Taxi was 80 pesos and on getting there we saw the bus was due to leave a 7:00 AM I got in the line and purchased two to Melaque for 187 pesos each and we hopped on. 6 hours later we arrived! We wondered why we were the only gringos on the bus and that it stopped for every person no matter where they were. We got to watch three full length movies and stopped half-way in Tomatlan for food and a pee. What we realized later is that we were on the “economic” bus and that the other was first class, cost 227 pesos, left at 7:45 and was full of gringos and only took 3 1/2 hours!

Shortly after 1 PM we arrived downtown Melaque and stumbled to 2 beachfront hotels. The second proved to be very friendly, actually a family run older hotel that offered an apartment with kitchen and internet, a front patio adjoining the beach, all for $55 a night. We rented for 3 nights, again, knowing we needed to rest before bussing back to look around La Manzanilla.

The pictures in the link below show the patio, pool and beach. The sea is very warm, warmer than last year in Sayulita and the waves are slight. Carol has 3 or 4 swims a day, me, once a day.

The next day we took a bus to La Manzanilla, -12 pesos, twenty minutes. With the help of two very nice agents we looked at 3 places for a possible 2 week rental. On returning to our hotel, Vista Hermosa (beautiful view), the owner arranged a better deal for the next 2 weeks. So we will stay in Melaque as it seems to have more to offer us; -a beach front apartment, lovely patio and pool with a cool breeze going through the suite, great, quiet, fall on beach, Internet, and ATM, and more mexicans! (alway good for improving our Spanish)

Our hotel dilemma mentioned in the previous article was settled by our agent January 2, but we need to return to that desk clerk to request the return of the security deposit. (Not convenient for us until 4 or 6 weeks, if ever. (We may just write it off as a learning experience.)