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General News · 7th December 2011
Nancy Beach
I attended the Island Timberlands Open House on Dec. 2. I then wrote an email, sending my following thoughts to Morgan.

Dear Morgan,
Thank you again to you and Wayne for coming to Cortes Island. As I said, it was brave of you to do it!
Whether you have pondered it or not, I think you and I established a HEART connection while you were here. I could feel it in your handshake and see it in your beautiful eyes and smiles repeatedly. No, I'm not making a pass at you.
That HEART connection could be considered very delicate. I think similar HEART connections have been too oft' taken lightly, with the owners of the hearts being disregarded as so much "collateral damage". I could wax prolifically about the importance of loving HEART connections, but I think you have an idea of what I am talking about.
Have you ever pondered how magnificent it could be if the queens of 2 countries talked together, honestly and openly, to resolve a differing, resulting in the prevention of a war between the countries? I have been learning this weekend how unfortunately war-like the conflict between loggers and tree-saving activists can be. Not pretty. You know I sympathized with you about the harrowing experience you had with activists earlier on the day you arrived.
I risked you disregarding our HEART connection when I contradicted Wayne, by stating aloud that our Saturday walking group needed to be filmed. Should I be sorry? After all, you said you were coming to Cortes to show the Community where you, as representatives of Island Timberlands, are considering logging. So, if Wayne was trying to hide something, what was it?
In Peace,
Cindy Lou Nancy
P.S., You might like to view my submissions to the Cortes website, especially if you need to refresh your memory of the meaning of "S.C.R.O.O.G.E.? G.R.I.N.C.H.?" N.B.