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General News · 30th November 2011
A regular Regional Director Electronic Newsletter is now available. Receive monthly updates straight to your inbox. I have already subscribed everyone Cortes-related for whom I have email addresses - but please pass this along and sign up if you do not receive it directly today, November 30th.

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The text of the first E-News sent out today is pasted here below. Some content will be a repeat from other recent postings to this website.

Welcome to this first E-news from your Regional Director. I have been elected by acclamation as your Cortes Regional Director to the Strathcona Regional District and will be serving another three year term as your representative. With this new term, comes a renewed commitment to communicate in ways that reach you.

You are receiving this simply because I have your email address and you are somehow connected to Cortes. I only have a limited number of Cortes addresses so far and nobody is left out intentionally. Anyone is welcome to subscribe (or unsubscribe). If you stay signed up, you will receive regular updates on local government business that are pertinent to Cortes. Please feel free to pass this along, especially to the younger people in your life.

In This Edition:
•Official Community Plan Update
•Call for Advisory Planning Commission Members
•Klahoose Shellfish Gorge Re-zoning
•Senior's Activity Centre
•New Alternate Director
•Under 50 Dinners
•Tea with You
•Radio Show

Official Community Plan
Come out, come out, come out!
Marathon Tuesday - December 6th from 1 to 10 pm, Gorge Hall.
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm: Proposed sections to be discussed (time allowing) - 411 & 412 (Commercial and Industrial), 415 (Coastal Waters, including Aquaculture), 405 (Economic Development).
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm POTLUCK DINNER
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm: 409 & 410 (Settlement & Housing) carried forward from the November 22nd meeting. Also, OCP Mapping Review as time allows.
If you need childcare for any portion of this meeting let me know. There will likely be another mapping session - stay tuned.
We are going through the draft as a group and editing. Those who come out have a lot of input at this stage. To read draft #2 that we are reviewing, visit If you can’t come in person, please send your comments to or call Beth Rees at 250-830-6711.

Advisory Planning Commission (APC)
I am looking for a few new APC members. Three years ago, I inherited an excellent APC. A couple members have left and I am looking to welcome a few new people. The APC is a body that advises me and the Regional District on formal land-use planning matters, and only meets when there is formal business - about 4 times per year. It is one of the most direct and practical ways of contributing to local land-use decisions. Interested? Know someone who would? Call me.

Klahoose Shellfish Gorge Re-zoning
First and second readings have been given at the Regional District board of Klahoose Shellfish Limited Partnership's (KLSP) re-zoning application bylaw #121 for a deep water shellfish site off the north side of Ring Island in the Gorge Harbour. This application has been approved by all necessary authorities at the Provincial and Federal levels. A public hearing to solicit public input to this proposal will be held Saturday, January 14th at 1pm at the Gorge Hall. An operational agreement to accompany the new site was suggested for consideration. In response, the SRD received a letter from KSLP indicating that they would offer a commitment letter to accompany the site's operations. For more information visit

Senior's Activity Centre
The Cortes Island Seniors Society have requested that the Regional District board consider submitting a funding application to the Province to build a senior's activity centre on the senior's property between the medical clinic and the senior's village units. This funding is available through a Provincial recreation grant opportunity for new infrastructure. At our December 15th SRD board meeting, we will receive a staff report outlining the various projects for which we might submit proposals and decide which projects to follow through with. If you have comments on this proposal, please let me know. For more information visit

New Alternate Director
I extend a real 'thank-you' to Kristen Scholfield-Sweet who has served as my alternate director for the past three years. Kristen has provided my with mentorship and perspective that has helped so much as I have been learning the intricacies of this job. She attended Regional District board meetings that I couldn't make and has been the only other Cortes person with whom I could discuss confidential board matters. Kristen has chosen to step down from this roll and Mike Moore has graciously accepted the position for the next three years. I very much look forward to working with Mike in the years to come. Thanks Kristen and Mike!

Under 50?
Come for Dinner!
Fri Dec 16th 5pm
Others to follow
I will feed you in my home in exchange for your advice on how to meaningfully engage you in local government and community politics. Interested? RSVP. Already dinned with me before? Bring someone new and come again. I am very much enjoying the diversity of these evenings!

Gather with You & Your Friends of ANY age!
I am extending an ongoing invite to meet with you and a group of your friends for dinner, lunch or tea. What matters to you that I should know about? Please consider hosting a gathering in your home or a community space. There are many of you that I have much to hear from.

Radio Show Coming Soon
I will be hosting a show on Cortes Radio in the new year called People's Place in Politics. Radio will be a whole new endeavour for me and I'd love some back up. If you are interested in coming on air with me or want to help in program development, I’d love to hear from you.