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General News · 28th November 2011
I wrote and had published the Firewood survey for the purpose of market research for a business idea. I have heard a lot of talk about the need for firewood, and I myself needing an occupation, decided to pursue the idea of an on-island firewood service.

I've been doing firewood on a small scale and recognize that an initial investment in equipment will be required to make any money and not break my back. The survey responses are needed to decide what level of investment I can handle without breaking my bank.

It is important to me that my service be reliable, organized and professional, and I am not there yet. Because this is still in the planning stages, I had opted to leave out my name so to not disappoint people before I had even begun. Keeping people warm in the winter is not something I will take lightly, and I did not want to give the impression I was in a position to do so at this time.

Regarding the community forest, this was my initial inspiration. I have bought my membership and look forward to being part of that great initiative. [While I do not support the wholesale logging of our forests, I think it is a sad reflection of our economy that people are needing to bring firewood from off island, while we have both the resources and a need for jobs.] As it may be years before any activity begins, I am seeking out other options for a wood supply, but bringing it from off island is not economical nor does it fit with my intentions. The wood I have thus far acquired has come from local residents to whom I've provided services in return (ie cleaning up windfall, clearing gardens, usually leaving 1/3 bucked and split). This however has left me with little more than a supply for myself and friends, and the survey was aimed at gathering information to help increase my service capacity.

I have actively sought the input and advise from specific people in the community, and now that the mystery is over, I invite any ideas, questions, concerns, responses, from the community at large. I would encourage you to complete the survey. You can get in touch with me at

Thank you