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General News · 18th November 2011
Suzan Denis
Thanks to those people who responded to my posting yesterday. You have provided some really good information that I would like to follow up on.

One thing we can do as a community is to submit a "victim impact statement" to the Crown Counsel with the intention of having influence on the sentencing of the men who recently stole a vehicle and broke into two stores on Cortes. Shane Worth from the Quadra Island RCMP is willing to submit this statement on our behalf. However, he will need it along with a letter of intention for “social justice” by this evening (November 18th) so he can include it with his report for the first court appearance on Monday, November 21st.

To the question of what is “social justice”, I sent the following email response to an inquiry: “Thanks for asking what I mean by "social justice". I'm thinking about constructing a plan with others who are interested in this topic that involves the perpetrators making amends here on Cortes Island. That could be a public apology, community service, paying for and assisting with repairs to the stores. Perhaps there are other aspects that people in the group can think of.

My belief is that to incarcerate people for wrong doing outside of the context of the crime they committed does not help them to be accountable for their actions. If they had to face "us", the community, there is a chance they could learn something that would help them choose a different path.”

One of the people who responded to my posting yesterday has knowledge of “social justice” and he is willing to be part of a group that puts together a proposal to be presented at sentencing.

I would like to compose the letter of intention/victim impact statement and I need the community’s help. First, I would like to have endorsement to compose the letter/statement on the community’s behalf and second, I would like to hear from you today about how this crime has affected you (given the community supports this initiative). I will post a draft of the letter on Tidelines and ask for your comments before I send it off to Shane.

I would also like to meet with a group of interested people and compose a draft proposal for “social justice” in this case. The sooner we meet, the better.

You can either call Suzan at 250-935-0039 or email me

In the Spirit of “Social Justice”,