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General News · 12th November 2011
Wendy Legare
(EASC), November 8/11.

Correspondence -2 November 2011-Director N. Anderson

THAT the November 2, 2011 correspondence from Director Noba Anderson regarding constituency expenses be received.

To members of the Electoral Area Service Committee, November 2, 2011

To date, I have spent approximately $2,000 of the $5,000 to which each electoral area is entitled in 2011constituency expenses. I have two expenses that I am requesting this committee consider being covered by my portion of 2011 constituency expenses. I trust that the board will update the remuneration and expense bylaw in 2012 as scheduled, but in the interim I have found it out of date and often restrictive in ways that do not serve my community.

Cortes community meetings, regardless of the topic, from OCP to ferries to forestry, attract a predominantly 50 plus demographic. I know that across Canada efforts are being made to outreach to younger voters, and I intend to do the same on Cortes in a concerted way this winter. I have begun an outreach program to connect with Cortes residents under 50 years old to find ways of engaging them in issues of local government politics. For example, I will be hosting a regular radio show. Thankfully this will not incur any costs as far as I can anticipate. However, there are two anticipated costs that I would like to have covered.

It has been recommended to me that sharing a meal is a good way of breaking the ice and humanizing politics – especially for younger people. I have hosted and paid out of pocket for one meal so far which was very well received. I have many more people who have expressed interest in sitting together in this focus group way. I am requesting that groceries up to a maximum of $400 in 2011 be permitted as a refundable expense. I will do the cooking.

I have also been requested to circulate a regular electronic newsletter to which people could subscribe. ‘Mail Chimp’ and ‘Constant Contact’ are two free on‐line software programs that have been recommended and I would like to be able to hire someone here locally to help me set this up. I am requesting a maximum of $400 for this service, which I anticipate will be a one time expense.Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Sincerely, Noba Anderson

ps- Without a seconder, further discussion of the item could not take place. The motion was prevented from proceeding.


CORRESPONDENCE re Cortes Seniors Centre Funding

THAT the November 8, 2011 correspondence from director Noba Anderson regarding support for a recreational infrastructure grant application by the Cortes Island Seniors Society be received.

From: Noba Anderson [director(at)]
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 12:55,PM
To: Jim Abram; Gerald Whalley; Brenda Leigh; Tom Yates
Subject: Fwd: REVISED letter from CISS to SRD
Attachments: Activity Centre Exec Summary 2011v2.doc
To members of the Electoral Areas Services Committee

Hello Jim, Brenda and Gerald, Please find attached a letter to the SRD board from the Cortes Island Seniors Society that I would like to ad as a item on new business for tomorrow's EASC agenda.They are requesting the SRD's support for their grant application through the Province's recent recreational infrastructure grant opportunity. I support this application in principle and await full details.

Thanks for your consideration, Noba

TO: Strathcona Regional District Board
Executive Overview Nov 7, 2011

Cortes Island Seniors Society (CISS) has a long and successful history of contributing to our community. From the original pioneers who settled the island, to their most recent success raising almost $750,000 and building the Seniors Village. CISS is now ready to sponsor the creation of a new Cortes Activity Centre.

This recreational facility will be built on land that has already been acquired; the site is completely serviced including road, water, septic, telephone, wireless network and power. The central village location is next door to the Seniors Village, where island elders can meet for exercise, social, and cultural activities together with the entire Cortes community. It is also located next door to the Medical Centre, making it ideal for Emergency Disaster Response, as it will be equipped with back-up power generators, a kitchen that can feed the community, and open hall space for sleeping or triage.

The Cortes Activity Centre will have a hall for live performances, office space with computers for on-line connectivity, indoor recreation space for exercise, plus craft &games rooms. Wheelchair accessible walkways will connect the Activity Centre to a community garden, with fruit trees, shrubs, flower & vegetable beds, providing beauty and food to island residents.There is also a wonderful opportunity for inter-generational teaching & learning in these gardens with local school children from across the road. Benches, decks, and shaded areas will provide a resting spots for visitors; there will also be a communal deck for group gatherings like summer barbeques. The proposed completion date will be prior to March 31/2015.

This legacy recreational centre is needed on Cortes as the aging population increases and the demand for community space/programs are growing. The Seniors Society would like to submit a grant request to the BC Provincial Government’s new Community Recreation Program through the SRD. See details of the grant guidelines:
We are asking the Strathcona Regional District to support the creation of the Cortes Activity Centre with a Board Resolution (documented in your meeting minutes) that this project is 1 of 3 (maximum) being proposed and supported by the SRD. A copy of this resolution, on SRD letterhead, must be included with our official grant application.

A full grant application with budget will be submitted to the SRD Board for consideration at December’s Committee Meeting. If supported by the Board this will enable us toformally apply before the Dec 28/2011 grant deadline. Questions please contact: Sandra Wood

Sincerely, Sue Ellingsen, CISS President

The motion was seconded and passed to receive the correspondence regarding the Cortes Island Senior Society request for support. A second motion was also passed recommending a staff report on the Community Rec.Program and it will proceed to November's Board meeting for consideration.