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General News · 26th October 2011
Noba Anderson
As I was the only nominee for the position of Cortes Regional Director, I have been elected by acclamation and will have the pleasure of serving another three year term as your representative.

In the absence of an all candidates debate and an election, I have been asking people if it would be desirable to hold a community meeting to have a 3-year regional district check in anyway. What I am hearing is that you are pretty meetinged out. So, I have been turning my thoughts to how I can receive your feedback in other ways and what you would like to see happen over the next three years. I will be publishing a print newsletter highlighting what has transpired of note since I have been in office and what I see ahead on the work agenda, but I also want to hear from you.

Fall and winter offer a chance to gather around the hearth and break together. I am hosting a series of small dinner gatherings for the under 50 crowd, to discuss how to better engage my peers on issues of local politics, civic engagement and indeed governance – which, especially in rural island communities, happens so much at the local non-profit board level and through community organizing efforts. The one gathering so far has left me with much excellent input and perked the ears of a few pre-retirees who have not yet been so involved. I very much look forward to the next few. If you are interested, please contact me.

I would also welcome any invitations to gather with you and your friends, regardless of age, around your table and hear what is important to you. What matters to you that I should know about? What feedback do you want to give me about how I have conducted myself and the decisions I have made thus far? This invitation is especially extended to those who do not feel that they are usually heard by me.

And I cannot write an article at this time without another plug for the Official Community Plan process. After two years of gathering community input, we now have a good working draft and we are in the process of editing it – god help us - as a community. We are doing this section by section, and to my delight and surprise it is going remarkably well so far! Those who turn up have a huge say in what stays in the document and what gets changed. The next meeting is at the Gorge Hall, Tuesday November 8th at 7pm. There will be a few more, including a session dedicated specifically to mapping. Dates will be posted soon.

A special thanks to local board members who gave yet another day of their time last week to a well-attended board development training workshop! If you want to attend the next one on November 5th contact Coreen at or 935-0152.

In gratitude, Noba Anderson