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General News · 20th October 2011
Wendy Legare
P S (public service) is a series of information reports printed verbatim and largely, tho not exclusively, from local government sources. I'll occasionally be inserting additional information into a p s (post script) at the end. My hope is that at least a few readers will find the contents food for thought.

P S # 1 -Strathcona Regional District-

• Discussions at the Board and committee meetings will be focused on the issues and the facts;
• The diverse perspectives of each Director, as they reflect the interests oftheir own communities, will be respected;
• Strong disagreements and conflicts will be seen as a natural part of Board and committee work;
• Directors can expect courteous behaviour from each other;
• No Director will speak publicly in a way that denigrates the Regional District, other Directors, or staff;
• Assumptions will not be made about what a particular Director means when they speak. Each Director has a responsibility to ask for clarification;
• Disagreements will not be taken personally, nor made personal;
• Directors have the right and responsibility to speak publicly, and explain their position, and agreement or disagreement with the overall Board's decision;
•Directors, when speaking at Board and committee meetings, and publicly, will avoid inflammatory language. They are expected to speak in an objective manner.