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General News · 13th October 2011
Noba Anderson
Concerning the issue of Regional Director remuneration and expenses, I offer the following clarity.

There are 13 elected officials to the Strathcona Regional District board. The remaining 6 or 7 referenced in the anonymous Cortes Marketer ad (depending on the year) are alternate directors that fill in when the director cannot attend. Understandably, their remuneration and expenses are very low. So, of the 13 active SRD directors, 9 are municipal directors and receive pay from their municipal appointments and also expense costs there. Therefore, the portion of their overall remuneration and expenses accrued to the SRD is less. For Cortes and the other three rural areas, the SRD is our only form of local government and therefore all remuneration and expenses fall here. So, if you want to compare apples to apples then the numbers are as follows.

In 2010, remuneration for the four rural area directors ranged from $28,962 to $30,572. I was the $28,962. Expenses from the same four ranged from $5,165 to $12,993. I was at $10,347. The disparity has mostly to do with travel costs, and the Cortes director has more ferry travel than any other director. The numbers are not much different for 2009, and are not in yet for 2011. I have attached for your reference, the 2009 and 2010 Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses for Elected Officials. The full document from which these pages have been pulled for your convenient reference is available at

As always, you are very welcome to approach me directly with any questions you might have about this or any other matter.

In gratitude, Noba Anderson