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General News · 8th October 2011
Ralph Nursall
I discovered this doggerel in a remote archive of my computer. If someone would put it to music, we could have a Salish Sea Chantey!

A Stranger Comes for a Visit

How do I get to the island, lad?
Go to the dock for the ferry, sir.

What do I do at the dock, lad?
Line up and wait for a ticket, sir.

How much do they ask for a ticket, lad?
Give them an arm and a leg, sir.

That seems a lot for a ferry trip, lad.
Well, it ainít a public service, sir.

Why so much for a ferry trip, lad?
The guys at the top need big pay, sir.

What do the guys at the top do, lad?
They think big thoughts and have cares, sir.

What are their thoughts and their cares, lad?
Thereís boat names, and profits, and ferry fares, sir.

What about those on the island, lad?
They chose to live there, so they donít count, sir.

Then whatís important in the scheme of things, lad?
Why the corporate profit and government pie, sir.

So who cares for those who must travel to town, lad?
Itís a mystery to me, thereís none we can spy, sir.

It doesnít sound right, but I must make the trip, lad.
I hope youíll enjoy the experience, sir.

When does the next ferry leave here for there, lad?
Oh, itís dangerous cargo, so you canít go then, sir.