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General News · 20th September 2011
Suzanne Whittingham
"Sound Energy Dynamics” had very simple beginnings. It was based upon Christopher Tims visits to a Tibetan monastery on the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. Christopher Tims is one of those people who demonstrated remarkable gifts that saw him exploring all things spiritual. He wanted to taste and touch and experience everything that he could. This was from a very early age.

Now visiting a Tibetan monastery would seem like a fairly innocuous activity. Add to the mix Christopher's ability to actually SEE sound waves, and the dynamic changes dramatically. What he SAW with the Tibetan monks was the use of crystal bowls that they struck and passed over each other for healing. He saw the actual sound wave of the bowls and that large what he terms a “secondary sound wave” pass over and through the monks. He also witnessed precisely what that sound wave did to the body. The thought entered his young mind that if he could find an appropriate “primary sound wave”, so much more could be accomplished with the energy field of the body. A simple seed was planted in that Tibetan monastery. It took almost 20 years for that initial seed to sprout and take root. But the creation of an entirely new and very different modality is not an undertaking to take lightly. Eventually, Christopher Tims found his primary sound source in stainless steel tuning forks. He “fine tuned” that initial modality, called it “Light and Sound Healing”, and set about on the path to sharing it and teaching wherever spirit directed him to go. It took him to Australia, Europe, Quebec, Arkansas, Vancouver Island and Ontario.

Fast forward to 1996. It was a call from a friend who had just completed a workshop in Victoria with Christopher Tims that aroused my curiosity. This friend knew I was very interested in working with sound in terms of healing. I had explored colour, crystals, chanting, Reike, Tai Chi and was very much aching to find someone who could bring all of these scattered and rudderless experiences together cohesively. There had even been explorations to numerous healing centres and book stores to see what was available in terms of modalities that used sound. I remember clearly the frustrations experienced as I would uncover ancient healing modalities such as Ayurveda and working with voice to vibrate the inner bodies for healing, and then realizing there were few, if any people, alive, who were knowledgeable about them and/or available to teach. So you can imagine my excitement when I received the call from my friend about Christopher Tims and the workshops that taught participants about his “Light and Sound Healing” modality.

Some would call it coincidence. I would rather coin it extraordinary synchronicity that saw me attend a Level 1 workshop the week after that call from my friend in BC. I had called all of my contacts in the Mississauga, Ontario region that I was living and working at that time. It took all of one day to receive back a fax from a friend outlining an upcoming workshop that was taking place at a Buddhist Centre in Toronto the upcoming weekend. It recommended that I call about booking a space, for as far as she knew, the workshop was almost full. A quick call discerned that it was indeed almost full – there was one space left, and you might say I jumped at that opening with an anticipation and excitement that ran very deep. The rest, to coin a well-worn phrase, “is history”.

Walking into that workshop space in Toronto on that long ago spring morning of 1996 was the beginning of a remarkable journey of discovery. It was not so much about learning about that original and newly formed healing modality. It was more about rediscovering relationship to self, people, animals and “the ever expanding Universe” to coin one of Christopher's oft-said phrases. Most of all, it was the stories of his life that inspired and clarified. They were rife with universal common connections that brought meaning and clarification to so many of my own life experiences. His words were not just simply dogma or the teachings from some far and distant master. It became evident very quickly that these were not teachings but a sharing of vibration that was transformational. From the crystals he affectionately called “Mr. Light” and “Mr. Sound” to the transformative power of his toning the “Blue Hue”, these were direct and very tangible experiences that went way beyond the limitations of the spoken word. Interestingly, these experiences were challenging to many, especially those who clung to limiting belief systems that placed more importance upon the map they were studying and reading to the actual journey itself. I have learned that each of us has our own unique ways of connecting the dots. I celebrate that strength of spirit that finds its own unique mode of “travel”.

I continued my journey by exploring all that Christopher Tims had to teach with his original “Light & Sound Healing” technique. He had expanded that original technique in his Level 1 tuning with the addition of a Level 2 & Level 3. All were based upon his observations of sound waves, his observations of the human energy field, and his observations of the effects of those sound waves upon the human energy field. The results were a system that clears, integrates and activates that energy field. The technique transcends the limitations of mind, and is based purely upon the physics of sound and nothing else. It is also based upon a compelling need to address the fragmentation that has occurred in the human energy field. Like a wayward and long neglected computer, all those bits and bytes of our experiences stored within us are scattered and competing for attention. Every Yogi knows the challenge presented with a wayward and willful mind... in the Tao, it is likened to a wild oxen running rampant through a china shop. What I loved about Christopher Tims teachings was his ability to address precisely these issues with proactive effective solutions. He taught that we have five bodies – the physical, astral, mental, causal and etheric. His sound tuning techniques address the clearing, integration and activation of those bodies with the primary tuning forks. Once cleared and activated, the body's internal energy grid (following acupuncture meridians) can be activated. Once this happens, the external energy grid outside of our bodies can be activated and fired up. After all, everything in life comprises a wealth of interconnected energy grids. To quote Christopher Tims, “The activation of the external energy grids open up our connection to the Universe. This is our connection to the larger world out there. It is one of the most dynamic things we can do... we can experience. It is a direct experience of the Universe with no obstacles or barriers to confound or confuse us.” Hence the shift to the new name, “Sound Energy Dynamics”. Christopher Tims very much wanted to move to that place where we perceive ourselves as complete and whole and not in need of healing. He always spoke to this very simple observation of what true spiritual healing actually is. It boils down to not allowing anyone else to convince us we are “broken and in need of that person's diagnosis and so-called healing”. That is the challenge each of us faces in these shifting tides.

The energy grids of the planet have been increasing frequency since the Harmonic Convergence of the late eighties. It is interesting that Christopher Tims developed his sound tuning techniques around that time. All things come to us when we are ready to receive and expand within that wondrous unfoldment. It is no accident that I have come to the island of Cortes to experience the shifting energies of this island directly. There are dimensional gateways and portals of energy here that challenge any and all limiting beliefs. May each of us find our own unique ways of experiencing and celebrating these wondrous changes that are in our midst.