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General News · 7th August 2011
Wendy Watson C.Ht.
Knowing your blood type and what it indicates in your personality is another modality in understanding human behavior. This is the first installment of four articles discussing blood type. Today's article focuses on blood type B.

Blood Type & Personality
The mind-body connection~hereís another piece of the puzzle. In Japan and Korea people use the blood type of people as a way of selecting lovers, spouses, friends and employees. Check this out: since the 1920s scientific researchers have been correlating the relationship between blood type and behavior. I invite you to explore blood type and its intersection with our personalities and see how this can be used as another tool to help understand human behavior. If you would like to find out your blood type, you can contact me, and I will send you a home kit to determine your blood type .The following is the beginning of a series of articles addressing
this topic. The first is blood type B - a force to be reckoned with.

The Bs are strong-minded people with personality-plus. They can be ever so charming and will knock the socks off you - if you let them. No wonder they are known to be the players of all of the blood types. They are passionate and can become very attached to special people in their lives, especially older friends. And to no surprise, these people are equally fond of them. But no matter how strongly they bond with others, one thing about Bs is they never cater to anyone. Thatís not in the Bs nature. They are self-assured and are known to speak their minds, doing just as they like, regardless of other peopleís opinions. Even though they have confident personalities they can be easily hurt by criticism. So when communicating with them itís best to leave the criticism at the door. They do best with people who love and accept them just as they are. And being truly lovely people, they deserve all the adoration they get. As unconventional thinkers, the Bs may be less adaptable to groups and have the need to spend time alone. They do great in one-on-one friendships and especially need time alone with lovers. Full of emotion, some extreme Bs can make you feel like youíre on an emotional rollercoaster. The majority of Bs are quick to recover from feeling down. Life could be intense with a B and there may even be a sense of the dramatic. However, if they get upset and tempers flair, you can trust that it will be short lived. Ultimately they are never controlled by their anger. Whatís wonderful about Bs is that they have an inner core that remains calm and objective, which is one of their special characteristics. Typical Bs considers themselves to be very practical even when others think they are being driven emotionally. And in only the way Bs can do it, they are both emotional and objective. Itís good to take note of one of their quirks: If for some reason they feel a sense of inferiority they just may react in a negative manner, saying or doing things that are counter-productive to their real intentions. Feeling inferior is really out of their nature and so they respond to these feelings negatively. So give them a break and try to understand this idiosyncrasy.

One of the most noticeable characteristics about this group is that they have a heart for causes, such as people in need, animals, and the environment. They have a broad range of interests, which they immerse themselves into with great passion. When they get involved itís all or nothing, but this doesnít limit them to just one cause.
When another interest comes along Bs can jump on board with it and get just as involved as they did with the others. In fact, these multi-talented people can easily maneuver among their varied interests.

Check out the Bs you know and you will see that they are a passionate bunch. They are regarded to be the fearless blood group - risk-takers at heart. Living, feeling, and engaging fully is the M.O. of the Bs.