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General News · 2nd August 2011
The hours at the recycling centre have been the same since 1993. Those of you who are new to Cortes may not know this but the long time residents should. I have asked that large unsorted loads NOT arrive after 12:30 because we start the shut down at 12:45 and it takes the full 15 minutes to do that. My staff are paid until 1 not 1:05 or 1:10 or later. Those of you who arrive late and then abuse my staff with snarky comments and rude behaviour need to grow up. If you arrive at the bank just as Dale is locking the door will you treat him the same way or any other business here or off island? Recently as I headed to the gate the 1:00 news came on the radio, so what time was it people? Closing time! There was a long time resident at the gate putting stuff in the freezer and her comment was “closing early again ?” snarky face glared at me. I pointed out the time and got another special look.
It’s summer people and we are busy, working non-stop flat out running to keep up with the massive volumes of humans and their stuff, we are tired, sweaty, hungry and personally I’m ready for my nap and we don’t appreciate the attitude some of you think is acceptable behaviour in a place of business.
About the free store, every one working in there is a volunteer and they work hard for you people because they are selfless, generous and love the store. How dare you insult them. The free store closes at 12:45 because that’s the way the ladies like it and it’s the least we can do to honour what they want. So stop it, be nice, remember your manners, pick up you bag of goodies say thank you and go home when we ask you to.
Respect is what is needed here, just a little respect.
Your Midden Keepers.