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General News · 11th July 2011
Tanya H.
We have two upcoming WCC sponsored dances at the Gorge Hall in July. I am attempting to change the dynamic of the dances a bit. One thing that I would like and actually need to happen in order to hold a WCC sponsored dance (which we expect more will be with the new liability insurance regulations and likely increase in damage deposits for the hall) is volunteers. Volunteers get in for free and we will need a minimum of five in order for a show to happen, a couple of these positions may end up being paid. This means that when I am booking a dance, that I will have to check with a list of potential volunteers (I’m hoping for a dozen) and if we have five willing to commit to helping with that dance, then it will go on. If we do not have enough volunteer support, the show will not be booked. We are looking for volunteers to help make posters and distribute them, maintenance, door and clean up. As it currently stands there is no alcohol allowed at (in or outside) the hall. This is a rule that the membership can change and will be discussed and hopefully voted on at the next WCC General Meeting (date to be announced).

It is my goal to keep dances all ages events, which would rule out having alcohol at the dances even if the rule does change. We have had desires to start the shows earlier, and then no one shows up. We end shows earlier, people complain. In order to make these events more pleasurable for the community as a whole I need more help from you. It is my desire to open the doors at 8pm, have a local act start at 9pm and then the guest act start around 10 or 10:30. They will play to approximately midnight and then we will play some music for a bit longer off of computer. It is important the people clear out of the hall and parking lot area around 1am and that no one is present by 2am. We saw at Battle of the Bands the amount of local talent that exists on this island and it is high time you talented ones start inspiring and sharing with the rest of your community that is so thirsty for art and music. By NO MEANS does the opening act have to be dance-y or even in the same genre of music! D.Js are also encouraged to take part.

We will also be pre selling tickets. If there are any left they will be sold at the door at an inflated price. This is to help keep people from coming and just hanging out at the hall without paying or supporting the musicians. There will be a set number of tickets sold to meet our fire regulations. Children will always get into WCC Sponsored dances for free, as long as I can have any say over that. Teen admission is suggested by food bank donation at the door. The number of tickets sold will take into consideration that there will be children and teens present.

By taking on these dances I would like everyone to know that I can be held personally and financially responsible for the behaviour, activity, and damage that happens during these events. I take on that responsibility with GREAT hesitation and will only commit to it if people are willing to be supportive of my role and the role of the Gorge Hall in trying to provide these services to the community.

Please please please get in touch with any interest or positive suggestions or brainstorming ideas.

Lots of love, in culture and music,
Tanya H.