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General News · 3rd July 2011
John Sprungman
The Liberals are running ads everywhere saying that voting NO to keep the HST means it will be reduced to 10% while returning to GST/PST means paying 12%. What they don't mention in the ads is that we will pay 12% for another year and 11% for two years after that before it gets cut to 10%. So we will pay an extra 7% for another year and 6% for from 2012 to 2014 for labour and restaurant meals, among other things, that were only taxed 5% GST before HST.

This is a convenient omission from their ads, just as they conveniently claimed they had no intention of introducing the HST before the last election and then did it as soon as they were re-elected. They claim that the HST is good for the BC economy because business will use their HST credits to raise wages, hire more people and lower prices while the tax is passed through to the consumer. No mention of the possibility that businesses will do none of those things and simply enjoy greater profits.

The Liberals (and their ideological twins, Harper's Conservatives) are in office to do the bidding of the corporations and the money people who fund their political campaigns. Send them a message: YES, I WANT NO H.S.T.