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General News · 1st July 2011
Here's some additional info on classes with several teachers & what they are teaching. We're running early registrations in the Hall today, courses start Monday July 4th until Aug 25th and registration will run all summer long Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at the Hall Office 11am- 4pm.

Also, sadly Norleen Lillico has just broken her toe so the Gymnastics Camp has been cancelled, please talk to Mary at the Hall about changes, refunds or other courses instead.


Making Sweet Music: Mondays 10 am – 11 am
August 1st – Russ Haddow: Didgeridoo (hopefully with guest coach Ganga Giri)
August 8th Jenny Hartwick: Music play
August 15th -Sheri Ranger: Cultural music
August 22nd: Hannah Boutilier: Creating a Magickal World Through Music

Vocalize It!: Mondays 11am-12 pm
August 1st – Sara Yoshizawa: Finding Your Inner Voice & Singing Your Own Song
August 8th – Joelique McGregor: BeatBoxing, FreeFlowing & MCing
August 15th – Joelique McGregor: Spoken Word & Tapping Into Your Mythic Storyteller
August 22nd – Hannah Boutilier: Using Breathe to Overcome Stagefright & Performance Anxiety

Circus School: Mondays 10-12pm
Lovena Harvey: poi & staff
Tessa Katchesky: hula hoop, poi, spiral dance
Sheri Ranger: juggling & acrobatics
Joelique McGregor: juggling, contact juggling, swords, double swords, staff, double staff, cane,

Action Camp: Mondays 3-4:30 pm
Mondays- Ryan Harvey: archery, swimming, capture the flag, action games,
Tuesdays- Mike Hansen: hackeysack, rugby, capture the flag, soccer, ballgames
Wednesdays-Sheri Hansen: Capoeira, martial arts, soccer, acrobatics, action games
Thursdays: various including guest coaches Namchi Bazaar: Rajasthani Gypsy Dance Aug 4th & Fanga Dance with Claudia Raaen Aug 11th & 18th.

Multimedia: Tuesdays 1-4 pm
August 2nd - Jana Lynne White: Projecting Presence age:11-15 Joelique McGregor age: 7-10
August 9th : Jana Lynne White: Visual Storytelling & Joelique McGregor:Video Editing: all ages
August 16th – Jana Lynne White: The Art of Asking Questions age:11-15 & Johnny Wafflez: Making an Electronic Song: all ages
August 22nd : Jana White: Creating Environment: age 11-15 Johnny Waffelz: Visual Manipulation & Loop Making :all ages

Visual Artforms: Thursdays 10 am - 12pm
July 14th -Zyla Waters: Vision Boarding
July 21: Johnny Waffelz: Aerosol Art
July 28th:Joelique McGregor: Maze Building
August 4th: Johnny Waffelz: Digital Imagery
August 11th Joelique McGregor: Creating Comics & Zines
August 18th: Joelique McGregor: Character Design & Game Creation
August 25th : Zyla Waters: Vision Boarding


Jana Lynne White
Worked on Much Music, City TV, The New Music and has interviewed stars of the calibre of Madonna, David Bowie, Rolling Stones and so on.

Joelique McGregor
Circus performer, mythic storyteller, beatboxer, bliss ninja, Power of Hope
Hannah Boutilier:
I've worked with local community theatre companies like Theatre Inconnu and Langham court for about 8 years now. This work has been a combination of backstage costume, dressing, props, make-up and mask work, and onstage  acting, storytelling and dance. I've also studied with Shakespearian texts with Mark Hellman, a teacher known for his use of movement and voice play to help connect the actor to the actions. And created pieces in the Belfry 101 Intensive program at the Belfry Theatre using play building techniques. During a year of training at George Brown Theatre school in Toronto I took storytelling, speech, and voice as well as acting, neutral masque and improve. Movement classes at George Brown included explorations in Authentic Movement, Sensory Awareness techniques and many more. Grew up in a tight knit home-schoolers community & gained facilitation skills by attending many of the Power of Hope projects and camps.
Johnny Waffelz
Teaching: Aerosol Art Class

Respecting your community- why to have it and how to use it(ex. gettin a legal wall from a local business)
Safety: Always wear a proper Respirators with chemical filters! Gloves are good too! Spray paint is bad for you and your environment! causes holes in the ozone as well as brain damage and contains many carcinogens!
Can control and basics of painting:
- how to hold a can/aim a can,
-control of the paint ei. how close to spray and how long to allow it to spray before drips form etc.
-applying paint, filling your piece, cleaning your lines and creating fades or blends with colours
-deeper look at basic theories and fundamentals of aerosol techniques
-Airbrushing Techniques(Ie. stenciling, layering and utilizing over spray)
At the end of this class, participants will have helped create a mural. participants will have an artistic expression to bring home if they so choose