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General News · 11th May 2011
The Cortes Community Radio Society Board received a letter of warning from Industry Canada in September of 2009 for broadcasting with out a license, the fines associated with continuing non-compliance are, $25,000.00 for a society, and $5,000.00 plus up to 12 months jail time for an individual. Three people still involved in Cortes Radio are specially named in the letter received from Industry Canada, and subject to these fines. This is something the radio Board takes very seriously, and we are not willing to let this slip by unattended to. Originally when we formed the Radio Society in 2004, it was our intention to apply for our license, but of course, true to Cortes standards, this process has taken its own winding path to reach this point. We are optimistic that a license will ensure that this station truly is a COMMUNITY radio station, and that it will live on well into the future. The CRTC and Industry Canada have been very patient with us to-date, it took a year and a half to complete the many facets of the application. We are hopeful that it will be looked upon favorably, but there are still many loose ends to tie up at the station, and with the programming. Adversely, if we waffle on this now we will likely lose the Cortes Radio that we have come to love, plus, many years of volunteer investment of hard work, time and money.