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General News · 11th May 2011
On Sunday May 15th at 7:00 pm in the Pioneer Room the Cortes Community Radio Society will hold their AGM. While there has been no mention of that meeting here in the open public forum that is the front page of the Tideline, and while it has not been marked on the calendar here either until I did so, there has been a lot of talk between people more involved in the running of this radio station as to the controversy that will be dealt with at this meeting.

It seems only fitting that general members, and for that matter the public who listen, be aware of the significance of Sunday’s meeting, and since this forum still seems to value free speech, it seems a fitting place to do so. There have been a lot of changes going on recently very little of which can be heard about over the airwaves. From the unilateral “discontinuation” of several popular shows by the board, to the resignation of the station manager, to talk of special resolutions and concerns about unwarranted censorship, there are changes afoot at the radio station.

Unfortunately, now there are reported plans of a desire among some for even more draconian measures. The perceived need for central control is growing in the authoritarian sector with talk of new rules being implemented which will require individuals who want to broadcast needing to submit an application for board approval before they can access the station. Moreover, these new rules supposedly being proposed would limit the ability of free speech even further with the board being able to dictate who djs can interview on the air.

Some members of the current board have been accused of exercising personal vendettas, and collectively they have ignored pleas for much needed negotiation while violating both current procedure and societal precedent. Of course, there is a response mounting and it seems for the first time in a long time there will be an excess of candidates vying to determine the future of this beloved institution. Needless to say, freedom needs to be defended from time to time, less it be taken for granted and dissolved by those hungry for control.

This is our radio station and in the recent past it has been a voice of dissension about a great many of the malaise that are infecting North America. It has been a voice that reflects the free thinking and community-based history of this place. If you value that tradition, now is the time to rally.

Free speech is important. Your voice is important. Add it to the call for common sense and operating procedures that still allow for diversity and personal input, or risk that this station will become another soulless purveyor of the mainstream message.

I hope to see you Sunday night.