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General News · 5th May 2011
Ester Strijbos
For those of you that did not get the last DI, here is what Jim has to say regarding everyone's letter writing to the Minister:

Urgent Ferry Action

I would like to first thank the people who did
send in letters due to my request to write to the
Minister, Blair Lekstrom, regarding taking the
ferries back into the Ministry of Transportation.
I would have liked to have seen many, many
more letters since we are all effected by the
ferries. I hope people will not stop the letter
writing campaign.

A NEW REQUEST: Please address all
letters to the Minister blair.lekstrom.mla, but also to the Premier Designate,
Christy Clark, and also please
copy me. The Premier needs to have a clear picture
of how these fares effect families and how they
effect job creation. Please work those points into
your letters... maybe even into the title so she will
pick up on it as the emails come in.

The reason I ask these things of you is that I
went to Victoria last Wednesday and Thursday
to meet with the Minister. We had a great
meeting. I presented copies of all of the emails
that I had received along with a brief that I
wrote explaining what I want him to do and
why. We met for 30 minutes with his staff
present and then he asked them to leave and
we had 20 minutes of private one on one
conversation. I have had a long association
with Blair as he used to be in local government
(Mayor of Dawson Creek and on UBCM
Executive with me). So we had a really open
discussion and it all boiled down to him saying
that he felt having the ferries under Highways
makes perfect sense and he supports that. His
challenge is convincing the Cabinet that the
experiment with BCFS has failed for the minor
routes and it is time to fix it.

So, that is our task, folks! We must convince the
Premier and the Cabinet members to support
Blair in his capacity as Minister of Highways.
So, if there are any other Cabinet members that
you know or any other MLA’s (Liberals) that
you know, now is the time to contact them and
give them your pitch. I will be doing the same.

You can go to the BC Government web page
and get all of the names of the Executive and
their emails:
cabinet_ministers/. Flood them with input on
“how this effects families and job creation”.
Those are the Premier’s priorities. - Jim Abram