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General News · 14th April 2011
Marlene Hoskin
I almost poisoned my dog the other day. Did you know the artificial sweetener Xylitol found in such products as sugarless chewing gum, candy, mouthwash, vitamins and some sweeteners is poisonous to dogs in even small amounts? My dog ate two chicklets sweetened with Xylitol that I left sitting on the coffee table. I remembered an Email my friend Heather Bruce sent me last summer about this toxic sweetener and called her in Washington state. She verified how nasty this stuff is for dogs. One piece of gum if eaten by a small dog on an empty stomach can kill it in 30 minutes. My dog weighs 30 p0unds which places him beteen a small and medium sized dog. As it is 8:30 pm I cannot get my dog to a vet even if the ferry were running there would not be enough time. Heather offered to call her vet who is a personal friend and get back to me. It is close to an hour I figure since the dog got the gum. The vet says if he has eaten recently the absorption of the toxin will be slower. I checked ; the dog had eaten his kebbles in the last hour. The vet said I must make him throwup as soon as possible and the way to do that is to give him a tablespoon of peroxide every five minutes until he does.

This story has a happy ending. After three administations of peroxide the dog vomitted. He was not at all happy with the process but is well and has decided to forgive me for dosing him with the foul tasting peroxide. Without that Email from Heather and the help of her vet friend, Dr. Dan Kennedy my little buddy would be dead. I feel it important to get the information out there just how toxic the sweetener Xylitol is to dogs, as most people just do not know this. For more information follow this link